Oct. 19th, 2014

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Pandora real quick, first 10. In a 70s mood.

01. samantha sang //emotions (1977)
Written by the Bee Gees, Barry's on this singing backup. Sang had a pretty decent hit with this one in 1977, right before the Brothers Gibb would explode onto the disco landscape and music history with Saturday Night Fever. I remembered this being on the radio so much that I was nearly sick to death of it even though I liked it.

Thumbed down two songs here that were 1980s and don't fit on this station

02. bread // baby i'm-a want you (1971)
Ah, Bread. The familiar, smooth vocals of David Gates. Who didn't hear these songs on the radio tons. This one doesn't have any particular memory or anything tied to it, I think I was like six when this was a huge hit. But to this day I do like Bread.

03. ace // how long (1974)
Lots have covered this, but I love the original by Ace, lead by Paul Carrack. Carrack would even pull this one out when he was a member of Squeeze. Just one of those songs of my childhood, on my trusty transistor all the time.

04. seals and crofts // summer breeze (1972)
I love the imagery this evokes as I listen. I feel the balmy summer evening. It's still appealing and holds up now. And it's got a toy piano!

Had to thumb down two more that were 1980s and don't belong here. And yeah, this station is more the mellow side of the 70s. We're in Easy Listening territory here. I have the 70s Rock Station for a little more kick.

05. billy joel // just the way you are (1977)
Off of The Stranger. Not my favorite, though, that would be Vienna or Scenes From an Italian Restaurant. But it's sweet, and I love the sax in here.

06. johnny rivers // swayin' to the music (slow dancing) (1977)
I never really paid much attention to this one when it was a hit. But later on I grew to love it. I still sing along with it when it comes on. Good one to turn down the lights to and slow dance, as the title implies. ;)

07. orleans // dance with me (1975)
Another one I didn't think much about when it was a hit. It just played a lot. I remember Donny and Marie Osmond covering it on their TV show. Haha! A little aside, that surprised me, I had no idea that John Hall, lead singer, was U.S. Representative for New York's 19th congressional district from 2007-2011.

Thumbed down some Journey. It was "Faithfully" and I love that one but it came out in 1983, so no not a fit for this station.

08. steely dan // do it again (1972)
I love Steely Dan's jazz infused rock. Listening to this in 1972 and being only 7 or 8, I just liked the sound and didn't think much about what it was about. It's about addiction of some type, perhaps sex and gambling or as strongly hinted at, drugs.

09. earth, wind and fire // after the love has gone (1979)
EW&F had a bunch of great ones. This one won Grammys for Record of the Year and R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon and Bill Champlin, I love it. Donny Osmond covered it on Somewhere In Time and did an apt job.

10. al green // let's stay together (1971)
Oh, yeah. LOVE. Smooth, sexy, awesome. I have to listen to all of it every time it comes on. Again, Donny Osmond recorded this one for his Love Songs of the 70s album and did very well, I mean I love Donny, but Al, man. AL.

Off I go. Have a good Sunday everyone.


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