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Thought since I have foobar2000 running I'd do a random 10 meme. Here we go!

01. the raconteurs // hands
This was the second single off the Raconteur's Broken Boy Soldiers, after "Steady As She Goes". While I love "Steady...", "Hands" is my favorite track off the album. Dig these guys and all their fuzzy guitar goodness.

02. the yardbirds // happenings ten years time ago
Jeff Beck AND Jimmy Page goodness right here! This was actually the first Yardbirds single to feature Pagey. Also John Paul Jones is on bass. One of my psychedelic favorites.

03. paul mccartney // calico skies
Lovely little George Martin produced song and one of my favorites on here along with "Beautiful Night". Flaming Pie is a good solid album from Paul, lots stronger than its predecessor Off The Ground.

04. jack white // that black bat licorice
Awesome violin driven track off Lazaretto which I have been loving. Google the video, it's a 3-in-1 interactive piece that's pretty damned cool.

05. george harrison // any road
"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." Yep. Love and miss you, George.

06. the rolling stones // sway
I've been listening to Sticky Fingers again since it just got reissued. The Stones also just performed the album in its entirety at a surprise gig in L.A.. "Sway" is all Mick Taylor.

07. aerosmith // smokestack lightnin'
Aerosmith covers an old Howlin' Wolf blues during their MTV Unplugged set. Steven Tyler is an amazing front man, seriously.

08. the beatles // she said, she said
This song was supposedly written after Peter Fonda, tripping on acid, came up to John Lennon at a party and whispered to him "I know what it's like to be dead." Revolver remains my favorite Beatles album.

09. tom petty // wildflowers
I keep coming back to this album. In my estimation it's perfect.

10. bruce springsteen // thunder road
My favorite Springsteen song. The entire album Born To Run is a must own.
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