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Leaving aside everything else that is wrong and immoral about this proposed ban, at the moment there are something like 11,000 trans people currently serving openly in the US services and reserves. They are there legally, and it is currently their right to serve openly. Trump’s ban, at first glance, appears to take away their right to serve their country, and takes away their jobs, their incomes, their benefits for themselves and their families — for no other reason than something which yesterday was not illegal nor an impediment to serving their country with passion and distinction.

Make no mistake: Trump is affirmatively and explicitly taking away a right from American citizens, a right they already had and enjoyed. This is a big right: The right to serve in one’s military openly, without fear of punishment for who you are.

If Trump will take away one right from Americans, he’s not going to have a problem taking away other rights as well. Why would he? Trump is the living embodiment of “If you give a mouse a cookie” — if he gets away with one thing, he’ll go ahead and try to get away with something else. He’s already trying, of course.

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I support the right of transgender people to serve openly in the military, a thing they already have done, any more than it will come as a surprise that I support the rights of transgender people generally. But as important as it is for me to explicitly say I support transgender rights, I think it’s also worth asking people who oppose these rights, or other rights enjoyed by people not exactly like them, whether they are comfortable taking away fundamental rights these American citizens already have — and if so, what leads them to believe that their own rights, rights they already enjoy, are not also placed in jeopardy by that precedent.

If the answer boils down to “well, that will never happen to me,” as it inevitably will, it’s worth examining why they think they will forever be immune. The answer will be instructive for everyone.

And also, they’re wrong. If you can take away an existing right of an American simply because of who they are, then you can take away a right of any American simply because of who they are — or what they are, or where their ancestors came from, or what they believe, and so on.

I said on Twitter this morning, “Today, as has almost every day in this administration, offers each us of a chance to understand the dimensions our own moral character.” And so it does. And so it will, every day, I expect, until it is done.


Jul. 26th, 2017 10:06 am
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Posted by Laurie Cinotto


From left to right:
Henry, Lloyd, Fancy, Nick, and Joseph.


Now that the fundraiser is over and I'm back from my weekend away, I'm finally getting some quality time with this crew. They all outgoing and bright.  Lloyd has an occasional scaredy-kitten moment and will dart for safety, but it truly only lasts a second before he reappears.

They play hard and run strong -- there's no grace, just thuds.  It's non-stop butt wiggles and pounces and SO many ambushes.  The funny thing is, you rarely hear a peep come out of their mouths.

Usually, when kittens are engaged in play like this, you hear cries and squeaks when someone bites too hard or pins a sibling for too long, but these guys never make a sound. Maybe they've already established what the lines are and no one ever crosses them.

Joseph seems to be suffering a little bit from what we call SCS, or Small Cat Syndrome. With this affliction, Joseph, who is the smallest kitten of the bunch, feels the need to constantly remind the others that though he may be tiny, he is mighty. He's always challenging his biggest siblings to wresting matches and has no real chance of ever winning one.  I appreciate his gumption, but that's gotta be hard on a little dude's ego! Hopefully, he'll catch up with them soon and he won't feel the need to try to be so big!



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A question is raised; a decision is made.

Download, listen, discuss.

Announcement: If you want to support the funding of Alice Isn't Dead's final season, Season 3, and get lots of awesome subscriber bonuses for your support, go to www.patreon.com/aliceisntdead.
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Posted by John Scalzi

Coke announced today that it’s rebranding Coke Zero to “Coke Zero Sugar”:

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is the new and improved Coke Zero. We’ve made the great taste of Coke Zero even better by optimizing the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is our best-tasting zero-sugar Coca-Cola yet, and it will be available across America in August.

Basically, it’s the same new formula it’s been introducing in foreign markets as “Coke No Sugar” but Coke is keeping the “Zero” branding here because it’s been successful and they don’t want to confuse us poor Americans any more than we already are in these trying times. Or something.

As I noted previously (see the second link, there), I am perfectly fine with Coke attempting this revamp — by all reviews I’ve seen the “Zero Sugar” version tastes more like standard Coke than Coke Zero, and since “actually tasting like regular Coke” is why I drink Coke Zero in the first place (Diet Coke shares its flavor profile with the late, unlamented New Coke), I’ll willing to give this new version a shot. If it turns out I hate it, well. I guess then that August 2017 will be a fine time for me to drastically cut down my soda drinking. I suspect I’ll probably continue calling the new stuff “Coke Zero” rather than “Coke Zero Sugar,” because it’s two fewer syllables and I’m all about efficiency.

So in effect, I think that this is less like Coke Zero dying than it is Coke Zero regenerating, timelord-like, into its next iteration. And I suspect I will remain its constant companion.

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Took me two 20/10s, but I finally got the master bathroom looking nice. Cat box went in the hall closet since the cat litter was getting tracked all over the bathroom floor and in our tub (kitties like to hang out there). Got all my crap put away, actually put the toilet paper on the roll, and took out the trash. Tomorrow I tackle my closet in the bedroom!

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The clothes were the post-vacation laundry. All finshed up by last Friday. :/ Not shown was the PUTTING AWAY of all the hang to dry clothes, and the obliteration of the small floordrobe that started becasue the hamper was in use. It took about 30 minutes to PUT AWAY. Then, since I knocked over some of the kid books, I unfucked the bookcase. It took about 15 minutes. It also looks like it’s time to cull some of the books. (always sad) I amused myself during unfucking with an episode of Death in Paradise, a nice little BBC murder mystery series set in Sainte-Marie, with a largely POC cast.

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Jul. 26th, 2017 08:27 am
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* I am not and have never been a fan of the house of Hanover/Windsor, am no fan of monarchy, and I side eye modern royals just generally, but I do honestly appreciate Prince Harry talking about seeking psychiatric help for dealing with his grief at the loss of his mother, because any fucking thing we can do to destigmatize getting psychiatric help is important.

* "Scotland just generated enough renewable energy to power itself for six days:" http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/scotland-renewable-wind-energy-power-electricity-three-million-homes-118-per-cent-of-households-a7855846.html

* "'Unprecedented' outbreak of dengue fever plagues Sri Lanka:" http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/health/sri-lanka-dengue-fever/index.html

* "Rola Hallam - How CanDo Is Responding to the Health Care Crisis in Syria - Extended Interview:"

Embed: )

* "Trump boy scout Jamboree speech angers parents:" http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40715185

* "The 29 most cringe-worthy lines from Donald Trump's hyper-political speech to the Boy Scouts:" http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/politics/donald-trump-boy-scouts-speech/index.html

* It’s not over and the ruling is not all bad. Do not deregister. We need to vote these people out. "U.S. judge allows Trump election commission to seek voting data:" https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-vote-idUSKBN1A92HX

* "Trump's faint praise for Sessions: 'Time will tell':" http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-rips-jeff-sessions-being-very-weak-clinton-leakers-n786211

* "AP sources: Trump speaks to advisers about firing Sessions:" https://www.apnews.com/966ae4f389064b2b90d84b03d260730e/AP-sources:-Trump-speaks-to-advisers-about-firing-Sessions

* "Jeff Sessions Is Growing ‘Pissed’ at Trump, His Allies Say. And He Doesn’t Plan to Quit.:" http://www.thedailybeast.com/jeff-sessions-is-growing-pissed-at-trump-his-allies-say-and-he-doesnt-plan-to-quit

* "Top Senate Democrat warns Trump over replacing Sessions to derail Russia probe:" https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-sessions-schumer-idUSKBN1AA25P

* "Jared Kushner sealed real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case:" https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jul/24/jared-kushner-new-york-russia-money-laundering

* "What's dangerous about a compromised person in public office:"

Embed: )

* Contains Ableist and fat shaming language as well as the original death threat. "Sen. Reed on hot mic: I think Trump is crazy:"

Embed: )

* "Warren: It's up to us to say 'no deal' on GOP health/tax plan:"

Embed: )

* "Democrats fight for time and transparency on gop health/tax bill:"

Embed: )

* John McCain's words were very pretty, but it's his actions that count.

* "What’s next for the Senate Republicans’ effort to repeal Obamacare, in one flowchart:" https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/7/24/16019984/obamacare-repeal-republican-flow-chart

This App phones your rep for you: http://takeastance.us/
Here is one that will send your reps a fax: https://resistbot.io/

* Police picked a random house and shot an innocent unarmed upstanding citizen through the door without warning, then lied that they could somehow see that he had a gun through the opaque closed door even though they didn't, then lied that they shouted warning that he should drop the gun they decided to pretend he was holding. The entirely innocent victim was Latino, so want to bet what's going to happen to the men who decided to assassinate him for no reason then lie on a police report? "Officers kill man with no active warrants at wrong house:" http://m.wmctv.com/wmctv/db_401748/contentdetail.htm?full=true&contentguid=AUdiWnEV&pn=&ps=#display

* The Dyke March is even more horrible than previously thought. Turns out they aren't just proudly antisemetic but they hate the very people the march is named after: http://gwydionmisha.tumblr.com/post/163447550187/brigdh-alogicals-so-let-me-get-this-straight

* "Senators Don't Know What's In The Healthcare Plan They Passed:"

Embed: )

* "The GOP Brings the Dead Health Care Bill Back to Life:"

Embed: )

* "Stephen Warns Trump About The Dangers Of Self-Pardoning:"

Embed: )

* "Stephen Introduces His Anthony Scaramucci Impression:"

Embed: )

* "Trump Really Puts The 'Fraud' In Voter Fraud Commission:"

Embed: )

* "Donald Jr.'s Meeting Looked An Awful Lot Like 'Ocean's Eleven':"

Embed: )

* "Weren't We Done With This? - Trump's Travel Ban & Another Bathroom Bill:"

Embed: )

* When I went out before dawn to take back some library to the time traveling book drop, the breeze was so soft and fresh off the bay that it filled me with delight. As it turns out on returning, I discovered one can smell our lilies out in the hall, but I figure it's more pleasant than the usual mix of pot smoke and other people's nasty cooking.

* The first pinks opened yesterday, but it was one on each spray. Luckily the branch mates opened at dawn, so here are the first four. http://gwydionmisha.tumblr.com/post/163446414057/the-first-pinks-opened-yesterday-but-it-was-one

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* "What can I do to help Syria?:" http://gwydionmisha.tumblr.com/post/161385222607/what-can-i-do-to-help-syria

* This App phones your rep for you: http://takeastance.us/

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax: https://resistbot.io/

* Want to fight Climate Change? "Ready to Mobilize? Start Here!:" http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/start_here

* Distressed by the anti-gay genocide in Chechnya and the anti-gay laws in Russia? Donate here:

* The Rainbow Road and other ways to help Gay Refugees: http://gwydionmisha.tumblr.com/post/160470723507/the-rainbow-railroad-is-helping-gay-men-escape

* This is a Real Life friend of mine. They do very much need the money and a number of people and beasts depend on him and his husband. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me. If you can kick in, it is a kindness.: https://www.youcaring.com/tod-788345

* This is my oldest continuous Real Life friend. She is disabled and really needs the money for herself and beasts. To buy jewelry from her: https://www.etsy.com/shop/karjack

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal Lethran@gmail.com

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:" gobmush.wikidot.com

Wednesday Reading

Jul. 26th, 2017 09:27 am
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I did a fair amount of reading over the weekend, and early this week.

Court of Fives by Kate Elliott was too nerve-wracking and painful for me to read right now; I finished it, but the sequels will definitely have to wait. The race and class issues were very well-depicted, I thought, and the suspense was excellent. I am just too stressed about the world to handle this sort of thing in fiction right now.

The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch was, alas, much shorter than I had hoped. Abigail was so great! I want all the Abigail stories!!!

I was happily surprised that Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb, 43rd in the series, was much better than several of the previous volumes. There were a lot of twists and barriers to solving the mystery, capturing the perpetrators, and bringing them to justice, and remarkably little checking in with the huge recurring cast, which can become tedious. I read this partly because mysteries are comforting (justice wins!) and partly for purposes of analysis. I need to write down notes on its structure and character types and things like that.


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