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I'm experiencing a rather annoying problem and wonder if anybody else is or had experienced the same and if they rectified it. If you rectified it, how?

Videos playing for me on You Tube are hit or miss the past couple of days. Before, they'd play with no problem whatsoever. Now only maybe two out of five videos play properly. With the others I will get them loading (you know, the little circle going round and round) or they flat out say the video is no longer available when I know for a fact that it is. Why is this?

I have the latest Flash player, Java is up to date, cache and cookies are clean as well as all internet temp files.

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Yes, all of my music is safe and sound on the new computer. Everything made it. However there is one tiny, minor, most irritating problem.

The tags are all FUBARed. Some lost tags completely and others need retagging correctly. So. This means loading everything in WinAmp now and letting Grace Note do it's job. By me clicking. On. Every. Single. Song. And checking info. And auto tagging. I decided I won't mass tag (except by full albums) because it's just too crazy. I'd rather have each file right.


Now you know why I haven't scrobbled in a bit, those of you who watch me on LastFM!! I'll be back there soon I promise. Perhaps as I go along tagging.

Off I go.
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Okay so should I? Upgrade to Windows Vista.

*scratches head*

It does look... really pretteh. *.*

I might just want to wait until I get a completely new unit eventually, as it would most likely be prepackaged with it. Plus wouldn't I have trouble with some of my software on Vista since it's foundation is different from XP where XP's wasn't different from '98? I'm hearing of some problems running certain anti virus programs (Norton) under Vista. And Vista has it's own packaged right in but I don't know how good it is.



Thank you all for your great advice. I think it's pretty much across the board in favor of me waiting until I get a new PC. And so that is exactly what I'll do. :)
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First of all... I almost freaked out. I installed some new updates from Microsoft automatically. I guess there's some new "Genuine Advantage" deal installed in this update because imagine my suprise when I look to find out that I'm not genuine? WHAT?! I've had this Dell for quite awhile, came pre installed with Windows. I don't believe that they would put a pirated copy of WinXP in here. Really.

But to be fair, I had to stop the update in the middle and log off for something. Figured I'd come back and finish it, and let it install. I did. Still got the not genuine balloon and message on the welcome screen. Then it said that my installs were complete and to restart. Okay. So I did, and now I'm not being told I'm not genuine. WHEW! Weird. ::glares at Windows::

Okay now my question. Those of you on wireless or in the know about wireless, answer me this. How come on occasion, do I show a connection and excellent signal and still get no internet? It's like it just drops the internet for some reason. Is it my end? Or the main router in the other room? I don't see anyplace on LinkSys where you would update the software. Or do I need to do something at NetGear's site (my adapter) and get drivers updated? I looked though and it looks like they're current. Just frustrating to drop the internet on me. I have to go back in the other room, unplug the power from the router, plug it back in and then I get on.

Oh computers. *sigh*
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I was on and off my computer all day yesterday. Turned it back on at around 8 last night to check on something and it attempted to run ckdsk. Three parts.... the second starts up and it aborts and reboots. Starts, aborts, reboots, starts, aborts reboots. Same thing as last time. However this time I cannot even get it to go into safe mode.


The thing has just left with my dad, to be dropped off for checking out... his schedule is so weird this week I may not have the tower back for 3-5 days at this rate. Hopefully we can squeeze in getting it back sooner.

So. Just like during the hurricane, I'm on his computer, on the default wireless connection.

Computers. It's love/hate.
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My computer was just acting hella wonky.

I logged on fine this morning after first waking up, and puttered around. Good. Turned off the 'puter, made coffee, ate breakfast.

Went back to 'puter, turned it on. Uh oh.

The thing wanted to do 'chkdsk' which is fine, that's always a smart thing to do, and it was scheduled to do that. Well, flashes off after like 50 percent of the first of three parts, and I get the blue screen of death that everyone just loves ::sarcasm:: .

I run safe mode. At first, I couldn't even get into that. It would freeze. Then after a minute of hanging there the second time, it went up. Okay. Now I can go in and run antivirus (caught the Java Byte Verify trojan and aptly rid myself of it) got rid of any adware, did some housekeeping. I even brought up the command prompt to run 'chkdsk/f' but it kept saying that another process was using the volume. ::confused look, shaking head:: Okay.

Restart. Computer attempts to check my C drive again. Blue screen of death again. Oh shit. I rebooted and attempted "last known good configuration". Nothing. aborted 'chkdsk/f' and blue screen of death again.

Left it, as it kept trying to reboot itself over and over. Went to my dad's computer in the other room to attempt to find some tech support sites that might give me a few ideas. Spent about ten minutes. Come back in here, and there's my regular configuration, desktop intact, internet, bells, whistles and all.

Woah. I do need to defrag, so I may go do that right now.

I haven't tried to reboot to see what happens. Almost afraid to.

I love computers. NOT. #$&#*#&%&*%#&%!

Whatever seemed to be the problem with this thing before looks like it's resolved itself. Really strange. But I defragged and am running smooth. Thank goodness!
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Can someone who knows anything about these things tell me my why my page on Newspaper-Taxi... in fact the whole site is coming up all ??????????????????????????????????????? and/or little boxes and what look like upside down As? I've checked under both IE and Mozilla.... same thing. Don't say I've coded it wrong, because all I've done was replace what was on the index page with an ON HIATUS graphic while I retool the site... retooling for unrelated reasons. Check the source. Can someone click on the link and tell me if that graphic shows up? Why is this doing this? FRUSTRATING.

What does it mean Render mode: Quirks mode? How can I fix that? Is that what's causing this? Looking at it through Mozilla, and looking at the page properties and seeing that.

Fixed. It was the way my FTP was uploading the work.
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I'm off today. WoOt! Yes. Loverly. Countdown till Vacation: T-minus 10 days!

Saw a bit of the PoA stuff in between the airing of the first HP movie on ABC last night. OMG it's gonna rock so hard. I was squee-ing all over the place. LOL!!

Yesterday afternoon, I rid myself of a rather nasty little virus. It was called AdHeck I believe and I couldn't even run Windows in normal mode, had to go in safe mode, run the anti virus program which caught it, deleted the infected file since it couldn't be repaired and went back and fixed the registry keys it messed up. Then I ran my AdAware and SpyBot respectively, to get rid of any other peripheral junk hanging about. SpyBot found a bunch of Malware that AdAware didn't.

Don't ask where I picked the nasty bugger up, I have a feeling that ALL advertising banners and popups ::glares:: are evil. E-VIL. ::nods:: Even though I have pop up stoppers and stuff as well as a firewall. But thank gods I got rid of it. To paraphrase a line from Poltergeist , 'this computer... is clean.' ::pets her baby::

The car is fixed from the Milk Crate From Hell © incident mom and dad had coming home from the Buffett concert, and it's good as new. Dad picks it up today.

Gonna go get a cuppa. That coffee smells good. Then I'm gonna go check out what's happening on my RPGs. I'll be back later. <3


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