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Epic. FREAKING EPIC is the only way I can describe last night's Roger Waters: The Wall Live show. I'll just go over my personal highlights. But first, I'm kicking myself because I didn't take my camera along and only have a couple of shots off my crappy phone camera of ... THE PIG. This is the best of them:

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. TRUST US. He flew so close to us, too! I didn't take any more because my phone doesn't even have flash, and I knew they'd look like crap. But anyway...

All of it, from the animations, including some by graffiti artist Banksy as well as the original Gerald Scarfe stuff we've come to know was incredible flashing across the wall, which acted as a screen. The live puppets and inflatables. The School Master, Wife, Mother, they were all there. You could see them, even, lurking at the sides of the stage.

And the sound was incredible, just surrounded you with all the auditory effects.

Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2) was a highlight. The children shaking their fists at the menacing School Master chanting "HEY, TEACHER, LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!" Great moment, and the first highlight for me.

During Mother - Waters: "Mother, should I trust the government?" The crowd: NOOOOOOOOOO! It was an amazing moment. Also the words BIG BRMOTHER IS WATCHING YOU on the wall. He sang this as a black and white performance of his younger self was projected, in kind of a duet with himself.

The wall is built throughout the first act, subtly, brick by brick. I'd look one minute and then look back and it's even more complete until The Last Few Bricks and Goodbye Cruel World saw it complete.

I teared up at a few of the photos and messages / stories of fallen loved ones that people sent in through Roger's website that were shown on the wall during the 30 minute intermission. It was so powerful.

Hey You Is performed completely behind the wall. Then the wall opens to reveal Waters sitting watching images flash by on a TV in a hotel room setting for Nobody Home.

Another really touching moment for me was during Vera, when, in video shown on the wall, was a little girl sitting in class at school, and through the door walks her soldier father. Full of emotion she races to embrace him. Then Bring The Boys Back Home.

During Comfortably Numb was the most kick ass, greatest guitar solo I'll ever see performed atop a wall. The audience swayed and sang along: "I... have become comfortably numb...", it was fantastic.

In The Flesh saw Roger come out dressed like a dictator in a trench coat and sunglasses, and a "Big Brother" type camera watched our every move. Audience members responded with the cross-armed salute.

Then during The Trial when chants of "TEAR DOWN THE WALL!" from all over the arena saw the bricks falling, tumbling, with a tremendous crash and boom.

The band is then revealed, Outside The Wall, as a rag tag Salvation Army type outfit, and with a few words from Roger, the experience came to an end. And it's a concert experience I won't soon forget.

The Wall has as much to say to today's generation as it did when it was originally released in 1979. It's still an amazing piece of work.
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TONIGHT! I'm way beyond excited, you guys. *bounces*
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“If life gives you limes, make margaritas.” -Jimmy Buffett

Going to a Jimmy Buffett concert is always a joy. You have the Parrotheads, en masse, and that's entertaining enough. But Jimmy and the Coral Reefers weave a great Island Magic.

We were the last stop on his SummerZcool Tour and it was a party.

I have the set list, thanks to a cut and paste from Buffett News.Com:

Set list for Ft Lauderdale )

Didn't tailgate, and it was good and chilly last night. Plus there had been a rainstorm right before we arrived. But they were still in the parking lot partying and it was fantastic. We instead got there a little early, and went inside to the bar and had double Margaritas.

Took our second double with us into the show and sat down just as Jimmy came out to introduce Ilo. :) Ilo is phenomenal... such a good musician.

If you have Sirius/Xm by the way, tune into Radio Margaritaville to hear all the concerts live when Jimmy's on the road.

The man is a touring fiend. He will take a month off and start all over again in April when he rolls out "The Big Top".

Leaving you with a little Volcano, one of my favorites...

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Hannah Montana? In the same league as Woodstock or Altamont? You can't really be serious. UGH. GTFO.

Anyway, I guess from personal experience, I'd say the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour. The first time ever seeing them live, yo, and I was in rock and roll heaven.

Poster from the Japanese leg in 1990, off the internet:

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Saw the George Michael concert last night. We were the very last of his American shows on this tour. I think he has a couple of more left, a "special leg" of the tour, in London, then he's through with extensive touring, sticking only to the odd small date when it strikes him here and there. We probably won't see him in the States again, so I am glad I went. It's been twenty years since I last saw him on stage, that was in 1988 at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

more here, dear. )

Anyway it was SO worth it. Every bit. Love George.
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Saw the All Starrs on the summer tour last night. First of all, when we got to the Hard Rock, there was a showing of all original, signed Ringo Starr artwork. We were excited to hear on the radio on the way there that he'd be doing something in the casino at 5pm and we made it in plenty of time. We got to watch him blow out the candles on his really cool birthday cake. I'll post a picture of it later when I get them all together, they need to be fixed and gone through.

Anyway, awesome as he is, he threw the peace sign, big smiles and waves as he leaves. With that we head over to the Hard Rock Cafe for some sustenance. Cheeseburgers for all! And a Long Island Iced Tea! LOL! We were even brought a piece of Ringo's birthday cake! Not everyone in the cafe, just the three of us, for we are that special. LOL! That was a fun surprise and it was delish, buttercream frosting with raspberry. Mmmmm.

Then it was time to head over to the venue for the concert.

Here's the set list and some comments as appropriate.
What goes on... )

Happy Birthday, dear Ringo. Again, it was a pleasure to celebrate it with you, even if it was three days early. And thank you for picking an INDOOR venue this time! It did rain last night so we were VERY happy it was the Hard Rock.

Happy Fourth of July!
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*looks at Ticket Master*

It makes me so sad to look at the Genesis "Turn It On Again Tour" schedule and see no Florida dates. *weeps* But fans in the Northeast certainly get the Genesis love. And I'd love to still be living near Chicago, I'd so be all over that date. *sniffles* It's actually a VERY small tour, just September and into the first week of October. Hopefully they add some more?

Turn It On Again

September 2007
7 - Toronto, Ontario - BMO Field
11 - Boston, MA - TD Banknorth Garden
14 - Montreal, Quebec - Olympic Stadium
16 - Hartford, CT - Hartford Civic Center
18 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
22 - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena
23 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
27 - East Rutherford, NJ - Giants Stadium
29 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
30 - Detroit, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills

October 2007
2 - Chicago, IL - United Center
9 - San Jose, CA - HP Pavilion
12 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl

It's a shame they couldn't get Peter Gabriel to participate though. I'd heard rumors that he'd been contacted, and showed interest at first, but never returned any further communication. That would have been killer. Completely.

BUT! The Police will be here, or, in Miami, on July 10. I'm having trouble finding tickets, everything is showing sold, but I *think* it might still be in pre sale (Best Buy and Fan Club). I'll keep on top of that one and see what I can get. It's to be the hottest ticket of the summer, so I have to jump if I find something. Speaking of the pre sale, I read a piece in the latest Rolling Stone on how a bunch of Genesis and Police fans were irritated because their seats suck, and they paid like $100 to join the fan clubs or whatever to insure a good seat, or at least a decent one. I don't blame them. Part of the block of the Police shows goes to VIP Best Buy consumers, and the other block goes to Fan Club members. I don't care to join, myself, I only want to BE there if I can. Stay tuned.

Earth, Wind & Fire are to be at Mizner on the 27th of this month. I just may grab my friends and go over there, hang out and listen. :)

Steely Dan will be at the Hard Rock in May, as well. Hmmm.....

We'll also have the Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani tours stopping by.

Lots of stuff to choose from which is nice.
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I am bummed. BUMMED I tell you. I want two tickets to Prince at the Hard Rock on Jan 31 and the only ones left are the pricy $400 suckers. The $100 tickets went REALLY quickly. I can't justify that $400 cost. I just can't. I want to go. BADLY.

EEP! :/
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Met my friends at around 5:30 for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. As we sat by the window, I noticed it getting really, and I mean REALLY dark. Crap. Crapcrapcrap!! Looking like rain. LOTS of rain. But as dinner wore on, it lightened up a bit and I thought well maybe we'd squeak by without much of anything. Boy was I wrong. Keep reading.

Got into the venue and checked out the merchandise, where I bought the tour teeshirt and program book. The book is luffly, lots of gorgeous piccies.

OMG. Well the show started out wonderfully. Halfway through the show... *splat* a big fat raindrop landed on my head. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I grabbed the guy walking by with panchos. As I finished putting it on, the heavens opened and down came the rain. THE. RAIN. Steady, on the verge of being heavy, still not quite, but enough to soak everyone and make for a very WET concert experience.

Don't think that didn't stop us all from having fun though. People dragged out or purchased their rain panchos and rocked on despite the raindrops. By the way, you should experience Edgar Winter doing "Frankenstein" with real rain and lightening!! Dayum!!! Oh yes.

Anyway, Ringo was as cute and warm as ever. Luff him dear. He sang It Don't Come Easy, What Goes On, Boys, Never Without You (*sniff, sniff*), Yellow Submarine (in the pouring rain, funnnnn), Act Naturally, totally skipped Memphis In Your Mind and went straight to With A Little Help From My Friends.

Sheila E. was back, and did her prerequisite Love Bizarre and Glamorous Life complete with kick ass drum solo. The woman rocks hardcore. Seriously. I love watching her play.

Hamish Stuart was there, on bass. You may remember him from The Average White Band, and from touring and working with Paul McCartney. He's awesome. Hamish was a late addition, taking the place of Mark Hudson. He stuck to that bass and backing vocals here.

Edgar Winter, who doesn't look any different than he did in 1972. It's amazing. He was awesome on Free Ride and Frankenstein. Completely rocked the place. It was around the time he did Frankenstein that the rain decided to put an appearance in. And the lightning. No thunder, just flashes periodically.

Might I add the band (particularly dear Ringo) had to get a couple of rain jokes in there including serenading us with "Singin' In The Rain". Easy enough for THEM to do, dry as a bone under cover of the stage. :p Ringo said "I have towels..." We're all like yeah, well hand some out here! LOL!!!! Oh man. Anyhow...

Rod Argent trotted out Zombies favorites "She's Not There" and "Time Of The Season", later rocking the place with "Hold Your Head Up". He struggled a bit with the notes during the Zombies stuff but it was still awesome to hear them and see him.

Richard Marx still has those incredibly boyish good looks. A sweetheart, and the ladies loved him. :) He's the baby of Ringo's All Starrs at 42, only a year older than I am. He did "Don't Mean Nothing" and "Should Have Known Better" and "Satisfied". I was hoping for "Right Here Waiting", but I think the rain got us cut a couple of songs though I can't be sure, looking at a couple other set lists, I don't see it listed there either. Anyway he totally rocked, and sounded great.

In fact, I'm pretty darn sure songs got cut, because come to think of it we should have gotten "Fly Away" from Edgar Winter and didn't. Damn rain. But as I told my friend, hey we're already soaked, if we haven't left already we're not going anywhere, just give us the whole show. LOL!! But oh well. *sigh* Back to the show:

Billy Squier was good. I'm not really all too familiar with him outside his hit "The Stroke" ... which we didn't get by the way. He instead did "Everybody Wants You" and "Rock Me Tonight". Another cut though... was supposed to do something with Edgar... "Rambling On My Mind". But he rocked the place anyway, the crowd really responded to him.

So despite the weather, we had a great time. Hey, Ringo? Try playing at the Hard Rock next time, that would be an absolute BLAST of a venue, still close by, and we wouldn't get WET if the weather didn't cooperate! LOL!!! Well that's the hazard of an outdoor venue in the summer in South Florida. Gotta roll with the punches.

Peace. And. Luv.
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Take Me Back Tuesday @ The Music Memoirs

What has been the best year for you musically? (meaning..lots of great albums...concerts...etc) And tell us why it was.

Won't include concerts here, since I elaborate below. And really, it's not like I ever get to more than one a year if that. I am just never quick enough for the hottest tours, I'm always too late and it's sold out or it's a bad night or something. I have the worst luck.

For music, 1989. I remember fondly alot of songs that year because they take me back to my favorite job, a little gift shop called The Paper Tree in Pompano at the mall. Just a blast working there, good times, good times. And we always had on pop music so this list will reflect that mostly:

Straight Up - Paula Abdul
Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins
She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
Soldier of Love - Donny Osmond
Back To Life - Soul II Soul
ANYTHING by Milli Vanilli. Okay I know they weren't really singing but it was a damn fine record. :p
Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry
Heaven - Warrant
Eternal Flame - The Bangles
The Look - Roxette. Yay for more great Swedish pop a la ABBA!
Every Little Step - Bobby Brown.
Cherish - Madonna
Love Song - The Cure
Stand - R.E.M
Roni - Bobby Brown
I Like It - Dino. Okay pure cheese but me and the girls at work on a really slow day would dance around the store to this one singing along "that's the way it has to be 'cause that's the way I like it..."
Rock Wit'cha - Bobby Brown. Okay he was da man back then. LOVED his album!
Paradise City - Guns N Roses
Heaven Help Me - Deon Estus featuring George Michael.

You GO, 1989!! ♥

What album evokes the most memories for you?

I've mentioned this a couple of times before, but Revolver by the Beatles. It was the very first LP I'd ever owned in my life and I got it for Christmas when I was six. It holds such a warm and special place in my heart!

Are there any songs that make you think of something or someone?

I have done blog entries on this very thing before. I find that music is the biggest trigger for me, both emotionally and memories wise. Many songs can be listed but for an example, I'll go with "Tears In Heaven" and "Freebird". Both just really make me want to cry because I think of my brother, who passed away at age 22. It's so bad with "Freebird" I'll just hear the first couple of chords and have to turn it off.

And speaking of concerts, I told [livejournal.com profile] prettyh that I'd list the concerts I've been to.

Peter Gabriel- the tour he did for the album Us. He's an amazing artist! His shows are like paintings... so complex and textured. So much going on. LOVE.

Genesis - The We Can't Dance Tour. It was SO cool.

WHAM! - The Final Tour. Miami Orange Bowl in the hottest heat of summer. Just SUCH a great time!

George Michael - The Faith Tour. Opening act: The Bangles. Amazing. SUCH fun!

Paul McCartney - I've only seen him twice live. Flowers in the Dirt Tour and Driving USA Tour. GREAT time! He so rocked the joint!

Ringo Starr - I go every time he comes to town to see him with his chosen All-Starrs, must be my tenth time this coming July.

Hootie and the Blowfish - the tour they did for Cracked Rear View. It was an outdoor venue, The Coral Sky, and we had lawn seats. They are just so warm and awesome live! It felt so intimate. And it was a perfect night with a big full moon. Had a lovely evening.

Elton John - just last year, Peach Tree Road tour, first time I've ever seen him live. I made a journal entry about it the next day you can read here.

Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels tour, Voodoo Lounge Tour. The only two tours I've managed to see them. There is absolutely NOTHING like the Rolling Stones live. Nothing.

Saigon Kick - Local band seen in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale at different gigs. LOVED them!

U2 - Achtung Baby Tour. And I have not been able to see them since. *cries*

John Mellencamp - The tour he did right before he released Cuttin' Heads, called The Rural Electrification Tour. Susan Tedechi I think is how you spell her last name, opened for him.

Madonna - True Blue Tour and the Girlie Show Tour. Her tickets are just too rich for my blood now and keep SELLING OUT before I can get to them or I'd SO be at the Confessions Tour!!!! Her shows are so amazing and artistic!

And okay should I count the maybe twenty times I've seen Donny Osmond in concert? LOL!!! ♥ Be quiet.

Desperately want to see Aerosmith. It keeps falling through for me, either bad timing or sold out status that keeps me from actually GETTING to. *sigh*

I really need to get to more live shows.


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