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It's down to the wire. Down to five couples. One goes home tonight. Donny Osmond scored evenly with Aaron Carter last night. And I'm still fuming, because he was totally lowballed. They did a distinguished, technically good Viennese Waltz and got 9 8 9 that 8? Came from Len. He claimed he didn't like that it was "arty farty". What the HELL does that mean? It was no more "arty farty" than Mya's performance. They were actually on par with each other and all three give her 10s?

Video and more rantage this way... )

Nail biting time. Should they be called safe tonight, I need you guys to just do me a solid? Call in a vote for Donny & Kym come Monday showtime? The number is 1 800 868 3405 You can also vote online: http://abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars . You have to register there to vote online but it's free and easy.

Thank you for letting me vent! LOL! And thank you for your votes in advance!!
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Okay so as you probably have already figured out, Donny Osmond is one of the contestants on Dancing With The Stars this season. His partner is Kym Johnson.

Last week was the three night premiere week. Their first dance was the Foxtrot. They performed it aptly, though judge Len Goodman took them to task for being "too theatrical" in their presentation. Whatever though. Donny and Kym still finished in third place behind Aaron Carter and Mya. He smoked them in the Men's Salsa Relay dance with 10 points adding to the 20 from the Foxtrot leaving him with 30 for week 1. Not too shabby and it's still early in the game, folks. But I think that Aaron and Mya are the ones Donny needs to most keep his eye on.

So last night. They made me wait, holding Donny off until the very last. I thought I'd about die when out he came in a PURPLE VELVET SUIT, dancing the Jive with Kym to the song "Secret Agent Man". They stepped up their game. It was a poppin' little performance.

images, video and more thisaway! )

He's having the best time out there and it shows. You know, it only took 9 seasons and Donny being on for me to even get into this show. I caught Marie's stuff when she was on in season 5 online mostly. I'm really enjoying it a lot. It's fun, and I do love ballroom. I was pleasantly impressed with Kelly Osbourne last week. She showed quite a bit of nervousness last night doing her tango, but the Viennese Waltz from last week was very good. And it's always fun to glimpse Ozzy and Sharon in the audience.

Anyway, I've been throwing Donny most of my votes of course but have been calling in when I see someone's performance that really touches me and I feel is deserving.

Last night, Aaron and Karina got a vote or two because they were really very good. And they danced the Jive to "The Muppet Show Theme". Aaron dressed in a kelly green tux. With Animal playing drums in the band. ANIMAL, man. I had to. They ended up with straight 9s from the judges.

Baz Luhrmann was pinch hitting for Len this week, or I don't know they'd have gotten that third 9 because I keep thinking Len would say it was too "gimmicky"?

So. If you love "The Pride of Provo" like I do, and want to throw him a couple of your votes I'd be forever grateful. Do so online at the official website or by calling 1-800-868-3405!

Thank you! And now back to your regularly scheduled LJ.
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I was directed to this, posted on YouTube. Donny Osmond singing Michael Bublé's song Home. This was at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on May 9 at an event honoring the career of music producer David Foster. Donny just sings this so beautifully. Don't really pay attention to the video, it's not that great, rather, listen.

And the words to the song are just so... just so Donny. They fit him perfectly.

Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

May be surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another airplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky, I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
'Cause this was not your dream
But you always believed in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
In even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I’m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
Oh, let me go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be alright
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

I do have mp3 ripped from the YouTube if anyone wants it just ask.

David remarked to Donny at introducing him "you have the most amazing voice". Andrew Lloyd Webber commented to him too along the same vein; "where have you been keeping that voice?" and that was after curtain calls on the opening night of "Joseph...".

And he really is GOOD. Getting better with the passing of time. That's the thing that gets me. He's respected among other entertainers of his ilk, but the general public still looks at him as a nostalgia act, a "former teen idol" and don't see past that image. I just wish they'd put that aside and just LISTEN to the man SING.

Well when I hear people say "you know I never realized how good he was!" I'm always thinking to myself "I did! All along." I'm so proud. Ha!

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LOS ANGELES — Hollywood will enshrine an eclectic bunch in its famous curbside Walk of Fame next year, including Hugh Jackman, Ben Kingsley, The Village People and Tinkerbell.
Recipients of the sidewalk stars also include Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Cameron Diaz, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Burton, Leslie Caron, Charles Durning, Ralph Fiennes, William Petersen, Kyra Sedgwick, John Stamos, Mark Burnett, Chuck Lorre, Kenny "Baby Face" Edmonds, Dave Koz, The Miracles, Doug Morris, Rush, Shakira, KFI radio personality Bill Handel and KCRW host Harry Shearer, who also provides voices for characters on "The Simpsons."


For a few years now, we've been trying to get Donny Osmond one. We did fund raisers, and got the money together to submit his name. We've submitted every year since that first year. The ladies who orchestrated this whole thing worked very hard to get this going.

He has achieved a lot and has been in the business since he was five. I think he more than qualifies. Granted he's included in the Osmond Family star that's already residing there, and which I was there for the unveiling of, but we wanted to see him get one alone too. Michael Jackson does, alone, and with his family. So why not Donny? But then again, Michael is Michael, right?

Anyway. Back to the drawing board. I think the Chamber is playing with us, I really do. I mean this has to be a joke. The Village People? Really? They'll give a star to a disco era two or three hit wonder group but not to Donny, who's career and achievements outstretch theirs by miles? I don't understand the criteria as well as I thought I did then. I can understand and agree with some of the other honorees though. Even Tinkerbell... at least she's somewhat an iconic character, right? I don't know. I don't know.


Closing tonight, have to leave for work in a little over an hour.
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I'll get into an Oscar post later. I was kinda "meh..." about this year anyway.

So. Donny did the Oscars! He took wife Debbie and they looked stunning. I didn't see them on the red carpet, I guess they arrived at a different time. He was there to cover it for ET/Insider.

Looks like the next day he headed back to New York. Here's video on TMZ of him arriving at JFK:


Lookin' good, and he's really truly such a sweetheart, taking time to sign record albums and talk to fans. Looks like his driver ditched him but it didn't phase him, he just hopped in a taxi.

I heart you, D!

ETA 2-27 9am
Donny was just on Good Morning America. His granddaughter has arrived, she was born Monday night!!
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Happy 50th Birthday, Donny Osmond!

Only getting better.
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Osmond Family Patriarch Dies

With Donny and Marie, carrying the Olympic Torch, 2002 Olympic Games, Salt Lake City.

He hadn't been doing very well these last few months from what I'd been hearing.

It was in the early hours of this morning apparently. So sad. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mr. Osmond several times over the years and he's always been so sweet and kind. He had a great sense of humor as well, I could easily see where his children got it from. *grins*

My thoughts, prayers and much love are with them all right now.

But what a blessed reunion! He's with his sweetheart.


This is so sweet, and so sad!
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(x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] donnyosmondfans)

fangirlishness: ON

What Shall I Do.mp...

Love this song. Don't know why, just his voice on this I guess. Came random on my WinAmp and... yeah. *sigh*

fangirlishness: OFF
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Oh what a sweet surprise leaning up against my front door when I walked in! Donny's CD has arrived from the UK. It's still about a month before the U.S. release date, but I couldn't wait. Wanted it for the trip to Vegas next week so I ordered it from the UK Amazon site.

The man's voice turns me to gravy. Makes me absolutely melt. GUH. *dies*

I love that smile. ♥ ♥ !!

And I think I can easily obsess over his version of "Oh Girl". But yes it's still all about "Let's Stay Together"... that one just kills me.

*runs off to listen again*
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OMG Classic. Bwahahahahahaahaha!!!!!!

*sprays the juice she's drinking all over the computer screen*

Just yes. YES. This should have been left alone as the final edit. Haha! No, there isn't nearly enough Donny in the actual video that was released. XD

Oh, Donny.
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Event: Artist Signing with Donny Osmond
Event Dates: Friday, December 29, 2006
Event Time: 10:00am - 11:30am
Event Location: Disney Outfitters at Disney's Animal Kingdom®

"Please join the Walt Disney World Resort as we welcome legendary entertainer, Donny Osmond to Disney's Animal Kingdom. Donny has been a part of the Disney family since he and his brother were discovered by Walt Disney while visiting the Disneyland® Resort. Donny and his brothers began performing at Disneyland® Resort, and this marked the beginning of Donny's remarkable career.

Donny has lent his voice to Disney's animated classic, Mulan, and is currently starring as Gaston in Disney's Broadway sensation, Beauty and the Beast, the sixth longest running musical in Broadway history. "


Four hour drive...

90 minute signing...

Do I....

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This actually ROCKS. Go D&M! GO Steve! LOL!! Funnnn. I miss that show. :(
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More Donny randomness! I'm sorry but I think it's great to be seeing such random Donny sightings lately! And Weird Al + Donny? Too great. This one isn't as great as "Amish Paradise" but still chuckle worthy. A parody of the song "Ridin' Dirty" by Chamillionaire.

If you saw "Dancing With The Stars" last week, you'll remember seeing a Mystery Dancer. Guess who it is (revealed this week I think) and you can be in the running to win a fabulous cash prize. Anyway I guessed even before they gave the choices that it was Donny. Just little things. The way he moved his hands, the "spin", and even the shape of his silhouette. If that isn't Donny, I'll eat my shoe.

This video just confirmed that for me even more solidly. There are the moves!! OMG Donny those MOVES!! Bwahahaha!!! By the way, this will start in "large rotation", about 20 plays a week, on VH1 starting on Wednesday. It's supposed to debut today later on AOL I think? But this is the early leak. Gotta love YouTube!

I ♥ white & nerdy guys.

More YouTube / Donny randomness: I have posted video there, thehippiechick is my username. It's all Donny related, but fun stuff. I have his appearance on Space Ghost Coast To Coast up there, which was amusing. And a great PSA Donny did in 1990 for MTV and the "Rock The Vote" campaign among a couple of others.
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[[x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] donnyosmondfans]]

I just visited a friend and fellow Donny Osmond fan's MySpace profile and wouldn't have discovered these had it not been for her having them up and me clicking through. ♥

Musical moments from the Donny and Marie talk show!.

*Donny singing "Weekend In New England" with Barry Manilow at the piano! The song is special to Donny and wife Debbie, as it's "their song" so it was really cool hearing him sing this one. *sigh, sigh, sigh*

*Marie singing "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad" with Meat Loaf!! Loaf is notorious for being EXTREMELY skiddish and nervous about singing on TV. Marie did so well with him and he sounded gorgeous as always!

*Donny and Marie singing "I Swear". Just a tiny part of the song but yes, veddy pretteh. :)

*Donny and Marie singing "Change The World". Again, just a portion of the song, but good!

I do remember when all of this aired, and have it all on tape here somewhere. Now if only someone would post either there or on YouTube the Stevie Wonder stuff. And the following day when they showed the stuff TV viewers didn't get to see... "Everybody stop, 'cause Donny's got to pee-pee..." (sung to the tune of "Living For The City") after Donny announced he hadda go and told Stevie not to sing another note till he got back. Bwahahahahaha!!!!

Ah. Anyway. Good stuff, good stuff.
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Donny and the Haggis!

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Found on YouTube.Donny Osmond discovers exactly what Haggis is. I still maintain that much Scottish cuisine is based on a dare, and repellent in every way. And yes, I got that from "Axe Murderer". Haha!

For those not in the know, Donny's son Brandon is correct in saying it's the sheep's insides. It's the innards of a sheep, mixed together with oatmeal, suet and spices, then boiled for an hour inside the sheep's stomach sac. Yum. NOT. I tried it once in my entire life and I'm here to tell ya. ::retching sound::

This is from the Tour Diary on the Live At Edinburgh Castle DVD. I thought it was the cutest conversation though. Just the way Donny walks off saying "That's just wrong!" cracks me up.
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This is mostly for the sake of the Donny fans on my flist. I am going to crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] donnyosmondfans as well I think.

Donny has filmed a cameo in the new movie "Unaccompanied Minors" with Wilmer Valderrama of "That 70s Show" and "Party Monster". Due to be released in November. The premise: five kids are snowed in on Christmas Eve at Chicago's O'Hare airport. With no parents anywhere to be found, they make the most of the situation.

Donny appears as a pilot. Okay I have to get this out of the way, so humor me. He can fly MY plane annnnnnny time. Oh yeah.

IMDb listing

Speaking of Wilmer and "That 70s Show" it's nearing the end. The big finale will be on Thursday night followed by a 90 minute retrospective. I'm confused as to whether or not Topher Grace will be involved... I hear from one place he will be then another won't say anything. US magazine I think it was said "...minus cast member Topher Grace..." so I'm not sure. Maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised. I do know that everyone else will be there to do the retrospective and interviews. I'll miss that show, it was funny so damn much of the time!
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Donny and Marie Osmond won Favorite Singing Siblings. Awwwww... cool!

Looks like they'll perform, too! :) It'll be fun to see them together again.

Whaddya mean they had to SHARE the award? Donny looks like he's saying "Nothing doing. It's MINE, Marie!" LOL!

More pictures to be found here!

The show airs March 22 at 9pm ET to reair again at midnight. Looks like it's going to be a fun show!
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Okay. This was brought to my attention on a forum I frequent. Wax figures of Donny and Marie from The Movieland Wax Museum. I remember when they talked about having these done on the talk show. I'd never seen the finished product, just "in progress".



Heck, if they didn't have Marie holding her doll Adora Belle, I would have thought they'd stuck Donny next to Mary Tyler Moore! And the Donny figure... um... wassup, forehead? OMG. Scary. Just scary. ::chuckles::
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Grand Magazine. Donny's on the list and right behind Pierce Brosnan for sexiest celeb grandparent. This can't happen. No. Pierce is undoubtedly sexy in that suave James Bond ish way, but no. DONNY man. The man is just.... yeah. Trust me here.

And this is a good one, because really you can only vote once. It's not like those stupid polls fans put up where it's just silliness and they can vote a bajillion times for their guy. This one is fair.

See, I gotta stick up for the D man here!

[[crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] donnyosmondfans]]

Okay I'm done fangirling for today. ::curtsies, runs out of room::


OMG Tony Danza won that poll. Man he came outta nowhere. Donny and Pierce were neck and neck there. Of course it didn't hurt that Danza has his talk show to pump for votes... the sly dog.


Dec. 9th, 2005 07:14 am
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It's Donny Osmond's birthday. And of course I must acknowledge it. 48, baby! And he's not getting older he's getting better!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And they called it puppy loooooooove....

Enough of that. Off to work I go.


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