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Heads up Apple product users, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, what have you. I just got an email, supposedly from Apple stating that my account had been locked and to go to the provided link and sign in with my ID and password.

This email is fake, and might be in different forms / worded differently for you. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS! Forward the entire thing to reportphishing@apple.com which is a monitored email that will make Apple aware of it and they can take appropriate action. Then delete it immediately.

Clicking through the link will lead you to a phishing site that will then have gleaned your account information.


Mar. 12th, 2010 07:30 pm
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Because I thought it looked like a fun place to just place random photos and amusements. Do you have one? Share, I'd love to see it!
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I've changed things. I have a separate Twitter account just for my music, since I spend so much time @ http://www.blip.fm/hippiechick on top of my Last.FM scrobbling.

I've directed LoudTwitter to post my music tweets here so you can click and listen too. No more tweets from my personal Twitter account will LoudTwitter here.

Follow me if you're into Twitter:

Personal: http://www.twitter.com/pweifenbach
Music: http://www.twitter.com/PollysMusic

My Last.FM : http://www.last.fm/user/thehippiechick <--from my iPod, iTunes and WinAmp
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I'm experiencing a rather annoying problem and wonder if anybody else is or had experienced the same and if they rectified it. If you rectified it, how?

Videos playing for me on You Tube are hit or miss the past couple of days. Before, they'd play with no problem whatsoever. Now only maybe two out of five videos play properly. With the others I will get them loading (you know, the little circle going round and round) or they flat out say the video is no longer available when I know for a fact that it is. Why is this?

I have the latest Flash player, Java is up to date, cache and cookies are clean as well as all internet temp files.

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Disturbing. Very creepy.

*Link leads to Snopes.Com*
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Just got directed to this funny MySpace profile via someone on one of my forums.

God has a MySpace. He has 186 friends. I had to chuckle to see people like Joseph, Moses, John the Baptist and yes, of course Donny Osmond among them. OMG the little video is cute, too. To the tune of Joan Osborne's "One Of Us".

And just so it's an even playing field, Satan has one, too. He, however only has 55 friends, therefore is not as popular as God. Take THAT Beelzebub! Bwahahahaha!!

And OMG.... GEE?

Seriously, WTF did Clay do to his hair? No. NOOOOO. *shakes head furiously*
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This is completely silly, but I have to see what's inside.

This egg hatches on February 1, 2006! Adopt one today!


It hatched! A cute little...acorn. Yuss. *pets*
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A couple of glasses of wine, and a really bad MIDI to sing along with. But it's ABBA so yay!! Quite fun.

Online Karaoke Machine!


My my! At Waterloo Napoleon did surrender.
Oh yeah! And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way.
The history book on the shelf is always repeating itseeelf...
WATERLOO! I was defeated you won the war.
WATERLOO! Promise to love you forever more.
WATERLOO! Couldn't escape if I wanted to.
WATERLOO! Knowing my fate is to be with you.
WATERLOO! Finally facing my waterloo.


Okay enough of that. Ha!

Yes, I'm playing with StumbleUpon again.
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Viking Kittens!


And I actually went over to rathergood.com and there are many funnies to be had. This one cracked my shit UP : Looking For My Leopard!

Kittens and Leopards and Vikings oh my!

Ooookay. I need to stop playing around with StumbleUpon and get something else accomplished here. Bwahahaha!
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I don't know why I didn't look earlier... there's a [livejournal.com profile] thetwilightzone community! Twilight Zone!!!! There's also one for Night Gallery but it's only got like three members.

Makes me hanker to watch some of the old episodes. Night Gallery Season One was just released on DVD, too. I may have to get that one, for "The Cemetery" (Roddy McDowell... "Portifoy!") alone. Scared me senseless when I was younger. Original uncut prints! Not the edited versions syndicated on SciFi for years!! WOOHOO!! And here is a really well done website containing much Night Gallery goodness. The paintings, episode guides, all you need.

Whee! Annnd.. I realized I belong to 80+ communities already (I'm a community whore so yeah) so don't know if I'll join the TZ one, but hey, good to know it's there, and I may end up doing that eventually anyway because I love TZ so.

There are all kinds of wonderful Twilight Zone things on Amazon, including tshirts and most importantly all the episodes are on DVD! I haven't ventured out and purchased any of the DVD sets yet, but it's on my "must do" list. I want that "To Serve Man" tshirt! I see that and immediately think of the line: "It's a COOKBOOK!" This site is suh-weet! I'm in heaven.
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Oh for crying out loud!!


It's not "I hope there not right"
It's "I hope THEY'RE not right."
It's not "Is that there car?"
It's "Is that THEIR car?"

And that was my little internet pet peeve related rant for the day brought on by surfing random communities and forums.

Back to your regularly scheduled friends page.
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images behind the cut )

Yeah, I found this site rather amusing and funny.
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Llama love! Now how come this amused me so much?

You have fallen under the spell of the LLAMA.
Now sing along before I spit upon you!

Ugh. I'm so goofy at the moment.

Edit 8/8/05:
Awww... it's gone. :(
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Save The World - One Click At A Time!
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Got your battling green eyeshades on? Ehm... whatever that means. Yeah.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] morgi I am liberating this . The Presidential Horror Show! Politics + Rocky Horror = a very amused me.

And. On JibJab.com there is a new piece, Good To Be In D.C.

Off I go.


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