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Halloween Horoscope for Cancer

You're usually the one who gives out the best candy in your neighborhood.
And you really get into the halloween spirit decorating your house.

Costume suggestions: A witch, wizard, or angel

Signature Halloween candy: Mini peanut butter cups

Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Evil Dead 2
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What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)

Crazy Outspoken Psycho (Who's Original In Every Way)House: HufflepuffBest Friend(s): Blaise, Fred, George, and yourself.GryffindorsHarry: Thinks you hate him ever since you called him a "creep". (And is still a little upset that you never gave Cedric the chance to ask you to the Yule Ball so he could go with Cho).Ron: Likes that you don't bow down to Harry and that you wear whatever you want without being so self-consious.Hermione: Is envious of your hair. She loves how you color it, keep it shiny and tamed, and how you do it. Her favorite of your hair styles was your "Hot Pink Streaks" style.Oliver Wood: Has dreams about meeting you in person and falling head over heels for you immediately.Fred and George Weasley: Are your best friends and sidekicks. You assist them in every way possible, and vice versa.Seamus Finnigan: Likes that you wear different colored clothes and don't bother to always match but somehow manage to look great.Neville Longbottom: Thinks you're a little loopy but is still kind to you.Dean Thomas: Always compares his girlfriends to you.Ginny Weasley: Helped you add blue dye to your hair one day because she wanted to find out if you were actually that cool in real life.Parvati Patil: Copies your style profusely and relentlessly.Padma Patil: Secretly hates you ever since you mistook her for her sister and called her a "brainless fashion robot".HufflepuffsCedric Diggory: Was going to ask you to the Yule Ball but was cut short when George and Fred ran up to with a new idea for their shop and you excused yourself excitedly.RavenclawsCho Chang: Is upset that Cedric only asked her to the Yule Ball as a last resort, but still accepts the fact that you're much better looking than she could ever hope to be.SlytherinsDraco Malfoy: Wants to be able to express himself like you. He wishes he didn't have to care what other people of him and could just say "I don't give a fuck," with as much ease as you do.Crabbe: Is attracted to your bright hair and clothes.Goyle: Likes your really long eye lashes.Pansy Parkinson: Wishes she had beauty like yours.Marcus Flint: Likes your taste in music (electronic, indie, alternative) and almost mustered up enough courage to ask you to a concert.Blaise Zabini: Is one of your other closest friends because you got him to open up. He confessed everything to you and even cried a little on your shoulder, and you two are the best of friends.TeachersDumbledore: Has no doubt that you'll take your creativity to all new levels as you mature. (as in get older, not more... motherly).Professor McGonagall: Is proud, but watchful, of your ambition.Professor Flitwick: Likes you, but doesn't know you too well.Professor Trelawney: Asks you for your opinion on everything she does.Professor Snape: Loves how you brighten the room, but hates how you attract the attention.Filch: Envies you for having so much fun at school.
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Jun. 7th, 2007 04:32 pm
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So, hippie_chick, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 18% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy yoga). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 13

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 23% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

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Is this accurate? :)

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What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Midland. The Midland (please don't confuse with "Midwest") itself is the neutral zone between the North and South. But just because you have a Midland accent doesn't mean you're from there. Since it is considered a neutral, default, "non-regional" accent you could easily be from someplace without its own accent, like Florida, or a big city in the South like Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

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You scored as Jigsaw. You are Jigsaw. You dont enjoy killing people at all. You instead love to see how far people will go to live. However if it ends in a bloody death, you still sleep with a smile on your face.
You are intelligent, and know how to outwit just about anyone. And that spells bad news for anyone who falls into your games of death and torture.




Michael Myers


Hannibal Lecter




Buffalo Bill


Freddy Krueger


Captain Spaulding






Jason Voorhees


Which Horror Killer are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
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[X] You drink a lot of tea.
[X] You know what a brolly is.
[ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life.
[ ] You wanted Ben to win X Factor.
[X] You use the word "bugger"or the phrase "bloody hell."
[X] Fish and Chips are yummy.
[X] You can eat a Full English Breakfast.
[ ] You dislike emos almost as much as you dislike chavs.
[ ] Its football...not soccer.
Total: 5

[X] You wear flip flops all year.
[ ] You call flip flops thongs, not flip flops.
[X] You love a backyard barbie.
[X] You know a barbie is not a doll.
[X] You love the beach.
[X] Sometimes you swear without realizing.
[ ] You're a sports fanatic.
[ ] You are tanned.
[ ] You're a bit of a bogan.
[ ] You have an australian something
Total: 5

[ ] The Sopranos is a great show.
[ ] Your last name ends in a vowel.
[ ] Your grandmother makes her own sauces.
[X] You know how a real meatball tastes.
[ ] You know Italian songs.
[ ] You have dark hair and dark eyes.
[ ] You speak at least some Italian.
[X] You are under 5'10''
[X] You know what a italian horn is
[ ] Pizza/spaghetti is the best food in the world!
[X] You talk with your hands.
Total: 4

[ ] You say member instead of remember.
[ ] You speak at least some Spanish.
[ ] You like tacos.
[ ] YoU TyPe lIkE ThIs On Da CoMpUtEr.
[ ] You are dark skinned.
[ ] You know what a Puta is.
[X] You talk fast occasionally.
[X] You have had highlights or have dyed your hair.
[X] You know what platanos are.
Total: 3

[ ] You pronounce villian, "vee-lon."
[ ] You get short tempered.
[ ] You know of somebody named Natasha.
[X] You get cold easily.
[ ] Rain is fun for you.
[ ] You get into contests all the time.
[ ] You can easily make do with the cold weather.
Total: 1

[X] You think beer is the best.
[ ] You have a bad temper.
[] Your last name starts with a Mc, Murph, O', Fitz or ends with a ley, on, un, an, in, ry, ly, or y.
[X] You have blue or green eyes.
[ ] You like the color green.
[X] You have been to a St. Patty’s Day party.
[X] You have a family member from Ireland.
[X] You have blonde or red hair.
[X] You have/had freckles.
[X] Your family get togethers always include drinking and singing.
Total: 7

[ ] You have slanty/small eyes.
[X] You like rice a lot.
[ ] You are good at math.
[X] You have played the piano.
[ ] You have family from Asia.
[ ] You laugh sometimes covering your mouth.
[ ] Most people think you're Chinese.
[ ] You call hurricanes typhoons.
[ ] You go to Baulko.
Total: 2

[X] You like bread.
[X] You think German chocolate is good.
[X] You speak some German.
[X] You know what Schnitzel is.
[X] You hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi.
[X] You went to Pre-school.
[ ] You're over 5'2
Total: 6

[X] You like/play/played hockey.
[X] You love beer.
[X] You say eh.
[X] You know what poutine is.
[X] You speak some French.
[ ] You love Tim Horton's.
[ ] At one point you lived in a farm house.
[ ] You watch/watched Degrassi.
Total: 5

[ ] You hate foreigners.
[ ] You hate non-Christians.
[ ] You're lazy.
[ ] You are not cultured.
[ ] You hate abortion.
[ ] You love the death penalty.
[ ] You don't read.
[ ] You shop at Wal-mart.
[X] You think this survey is rather biased.
Total: 1

Doesn't surprise me that the Irish came out on top, followed by the German. I'm Irish / German / Swedish. And what was up with the American section? LOL!!!


Feb. 7th, 2007 12:35 pm
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Claim Your Old British Man by jgurlpunkrck
Your Name
Your Age
Your Old British Man
You met...through the Make a Wish Foundation
The relationship ended...when his tv show went into syndication

Okay, I'll take him. .
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In 1965 (the year you were born)

Lyndon B. Johnson is president of the US

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara calls for a nationwide network of bomb shelters

Former leader of the Black Muslims, Malcolm X, is shot and killed in New York City

To protest voting rights discrimination, civil rights demonstrators begin a march for Selma to Montgomery with federal troop protection

The first commercial satellite, Early Bird, is launched into space by Nasa to transmit telephone and television signals

Voting Rights Act is signed into law

Riots by young blacks in the Watts area of Los Angeles begin, causing $200 million in damage

Hurricane Betsy claims 75 lives in southern Florida and Louisiana

United States President Lyndon Johnson proclaims his "Great Society" during his State of the Union address

Dr. Dre, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr., Shania Twain, Moby, and Ben Stiller are born

Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series

Green Bay Packers win the NFL championship

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews, is the top grossing film

Dune by Frank Herbert is published

The Beatles' Rubber Soul is released

"Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones is a top hit (#1 on the day I was born, 7-6-65)

The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing songs from their new album Help!

Sony introduces the Betamax, a home video tape recorder

Nearly all of NBC's programs are now broadcast in color

I Dream of Jeannie premieres
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You Should Spend the Holidays In

Bulgaria - with a huge vegetarian meal on Christmas Eve
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Your 1996 Theme Song Is: 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins

Shakedown 1979
Cool kids never have the time
On a live wire right up off the street
You and I should meet

Meh. Okay. I do like this song.


Oct. 27th, 2006 01:34 pm
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Your Unique Costume is Tiny the Clown

REALLY does not play well with others.

o_O ! Can't sleep. Clown'll eat me...
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You are 46% white and nerdy.
How White and Nerdy Are You?

Yay for being a fair amount of "White and Nerdy"! And YAY for Weird Al! ♥
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Your Linguistic Profile:
40% General American English
35% Yankee
10% Upper Midwestern
5% Dixie
5% Midwestern

Okay yeah, they nailed me. Interesting!

Oh and heres' another:

Your Musical Tastes Match: Nicole Kidman

See her whole playlist here (iTunes required)

Woo! I knew Nic was cool. :)

Mmm hmm.

Jun. 1st, 2006 05:26 pm
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You scored as Understanding Outsider. You are not a goth yourself, but you may know goths and you understand and appreciate, or at least respect, the gothic subculture.


Understanding Outsider


Perky Goff


Fantasy Goth


Anything-Goes Goth


Ethereal Goth


Death Rocker


Romantic Goth


Confused Outsider




Old-school Goth




What subcategory of Goth best fits you?
created with QuizFarm.com
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I'm 80% LiveJournal!

Elite status.
You just can't help being so good.

The LiveJournal Quiz

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

And for the heckuvit, my current LJ stats and habits:

Account type: Permanent Account
Date created: 2002-06-04 13:41:21
Journal entries: 1,128
Comments: Posted: 3,488 - Received: 3,183

I'm a member of 72 communities, five of those I maintain, which I catch up on through a filter.

I have 16 RSS feeds going into my journal at the moment, which, yes are filtered.

I have 95 people on my friends list which of course can fluctuate as people leave me or join me. The most I've ever had at one time was 103 I think. I never really have gone over that amount.

I also read my friends through a filter. I read those journals first then if I have the time and inclination I'll catch up with feeds then communities.
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You Are Jan Brady

Brainy and a little introverted, you tend to think life is a lot worse than it actually is.
And while you may think you're a little goofy looking, most people consider you to be a major babe.

This wasn't too terribly difficult... you could pretty much pick and choose your Brady by the answers if you know your stuff. Marcia is too full of herself, Cindy is too much of a brat. Jan, however is da bomb. *grin*
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Well yeah it's a little early in the morning for beer, isn't it? *grins, winks*

I am NOT a fan of Guinness. WAY too strong and heavy for me. I've tried it once, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Otherwise, I suppose this is an accurate result. Except the part about when I'm drunk. I don't become a "know it all". I don't really become or change at all, I'm the same, just having fun. I am not really a beer snob, but I do like it to have a smooth drinkability and no, not be too watered down.

You Are Guinness

You know beer well, and you'll only drink the best beers in the world.
Watered down beers disgust you, as do the people who drink them.
When you drink, you tend to become a bit of a know it all - especially about subjects you don't know well.
But your friends tolerate your drunken ways, because you introduce them to the best beers around.

Meme time

Feb. 21st, 2006 07:16 am
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Your Social Dysfunction:

Being average in terms of how social you are, as well as the amount of self-esteem you have, you're pretty much normal. Good on you.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Please note that we aren't, nor do we claim to be, psychologists. This quiz is for fun and entertainment only. Try not to freak out about your results.

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Norse Gods! )


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