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New Years Eve is upon us once again, and it's time for the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy! This year, I'm working a kinda long-ish schedule, 11-9:30 (eek!) so I'll miss a few good ones on New Year's Eve. However I'm off New Year's Day and can watch to my heart's delight, plus what I missed I can always queue up on DVD.

Here's the schedule:

Dec 31
Jan 1

My highlights, episodes I think are worth watching! )

I adore the New Year's marathon each year! What are your favorites? Any other recommendations from the schedule?
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My tradition. I look forward to it every year. Who needs crowded parties and drinking till you puke? I'm settling in and ringing in the New Year with a bottle of bubbly, great munchies and Rod Serling!

The full schedule can be found here and here.

And here are my personal highlights, eps I don't miss and don't think you should, either. )

And there you have it. Enjoy my fellow TZ heads!
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Wait. SyFy isn't airing a Twilight Zone Marathon for this 4th of July?
You suck for that, SyFy. The Kanamit does not approve.

An email is forthcoming. *nods*
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New Years. That means only one thing, at least for me. Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy!

Schedule for Dec 31

Highlights for me:

10:00 am Walking Distance
12:30 pm The Fear
3:30 pm A Kind of Stopwatch
4:00 pm The Bewitchin' Pool
4:30 pm Penny For Your Thoughts
5:00 pm The Obsolete Man
6:00 pm Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
8:00 pm The Howling Man
10:00 pm The Invaders
10:30 pm Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
11:00 pm To Serve Man

Midnight Sun and The Dummy are also on but right around Midnight and shortly thereafter so I'll probably be watching the festivities on Times Square or something. I switch back and forth a bit.

Nightmare As A Child is on @ 4am which is pretty good. I don't know if I'll be awake. LOL!

Schedule for Jan 1

Highlights for me:

Looks like the morning is pretty slow going... some okay ones, not any classics I don't have to worry about missing anything really stellar however take a look at the schedule link there might be something you like. We really get going in the afternoon however! Looks like I'll be watching into the evening.

4:00 pm A Most Unusual Camera
5:00 pm Living Doll
5:30 pm I Sing The Body Electric
6:00 pm The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
6:30 pm A Stop at Willoughby
7:00 pm Nothing In The Dark
7:30 pm It's A Good Life
9:00 pm The Masks
9:30 pm Eye of the Beholder
10:00 pm Time Enough At Last (YAY!!)
11:00 pm The After Hours
11:30 pm Stopover In A Quiet Town

And again after this a few good ones on to morning, (Night Call is @ 2am a goodie) nothing absolutely stellar but yeah it's Twilight Zone! LOL! Enjoy your holiday whatever you are doing and stay safe!!
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July 4 marathon is underway!!! And hell if I didn't think about it all yesterday!! D'OH!!!! Anyway there's today and all the GOOD stuff is on today anyway.

The Schedule! So you can search for your favorites!

HIGLIGHTS for me.... July 4:

Nick Of Time (Just watched was on @ 9am)
A Most Unusual Camera (RIGHT NOW!)
The Bewitchin' Pool - 10:30a
Five Characters In Search of an Exit - 11a
The Dummy - 11:30a
I Sing The Body Electric - 12:30p
It's A Good Life - 2p
The Masks - 5pm
The Howling Man - 6p
Living Doll - 6:30p
Time Enough At Last - 8p (YAY!!!!)
Eye of the Beholder - 9pm
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street - 9:30p
To Serve Man - 9:30p
Penny For Your Thoughts - 1a
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Random observation:

Watching "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" on the TZ Marathon. I just had to laugh. I never thought of or noticed it before, but when Bill Shatner is talking to his wife telling her that there was a man on the wing of the plane, she gets this really serious, worried expression on her face. The way the lighting and shadows are across her face at that point, her hair, everything, she looks like that thing on the wing!! Seriously I had to laugh. Is that wild or what? LOL!
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Bright and early tomorrow morning, at 7am with "The Thirty Fathom Grave", starts the annual New Years Twilight Zone Marathon on Sci-Fi!

I look forward to it each year, it's my New Years tradition to settle in with that, the original Ocean's 11 and Marx Brothers movies.

Dec 31 highlights for me:

10am Nothing In The Dark
10:30am The Fear
2pm Night Caller
7:30pm The Hitchhiker
8pm Eye of the Beholder
9:30pm The Obsolete Man
10pm To Serve Man (IT'S A...... *nah I won't give the twist away but you probably know. LOL)
10:30pm The Masks

Here's where it gets tricky because I like to switch over and watch the ball drop. Wouldn't you know there is a run of most excellent episodes right up through that time?! What to do. LOL!! I'll have the ball drop on in the other room, and sneak in and watch that while TZ is in the living room. Maybe. Haven't decided how I'll work this out yet. Bwahaha!

11pm The Invaders (CLASSIC. Agnes Moorehead and little space guys gotta love it)
11:30pm The Midnight Sun
12pm Five Characters In Search of an Exit (a fave, right up there with Time Enough!!!)

Jan 1 highlights for me and it looks like a GREAT lineup:

8:30am Nightmare as a Child
11am Mirror Image (a really cool one about doppelgangers)
11:30am Two

UGH work at 2pm til close (10pm) so I'll miss a few goodies:

3pm Night of the Meek (Art Carney was brilliant here.)
4pm Nick of Time
4:30pm Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
5pm Stopover in a Quiet Town
5:30pm The Bewitchin' Pool
6:30pm The Dummy
7:00pm The Howling Man
7:30pm I Sing The Body Electric
8:00pm Time Enough At Last (I have this on DVD thank goodness still I'M SAD TO MISS IT!!!!)
8:30pm Living Doll
9:00pm The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
9:30pm Kick The Can (the movie "Cocoon" was based on this story)
10pm Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (I will miss a few minutes of it. SEE ICON)
11pm A Stop at Willoughby
11:30pm It's A Good Life (wow so late, they usually show this one early-ish! I won't miss it!!)
12am A Penny for Your Thoughts

And yeah, I can do without the rest for the most part except 2:00am is "I am The Night Color Me Black" which I kinda dug haven't seen it in a very long time.

Anyway I can't wait to settle in and watch what it is I'm able to. Pesky job getting in the way of my New Years marathon. FEH. LOL!!!! Does every year though so I'm used to that. Ha!

The Schedule!
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Time for another TZ marathon on Sci-Fi! Every year they do one at New Years and one over July 4.

July 3 is Ringo Starr day, I'll be at the Hard Rock most of the day and into the night, so I don't know how much watching I'll do that day, and I am requesting the 4th off so we'll see what happens *crosses fingers* But I'll highlight my favorite, "can't miss" episodes, many of which I've taped and / or have on DVD now... I recommend these.

My July 3 Highlights

9:30 am The Masks
10:30 am The Bewitchin' Pool
11:00 am I Sing The Body Electric
1:30 pm The Invaders (Agnes Moorehead fighting itty bitty space guys! LOVE)
2:00 pm Nightmare as a Child
2:30 pm Eye of the Beholder (this one is a GIVEN, it's shown every single marathon)
4:00 pm The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
5:00 pm Kick The Can (This is the inspiration for the movie "Cocoon")
8:30 pm Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
9:30 pm In The Praise of Pip
10:00 pm Living Doll ("I'm Talky Tina and I'm going to kill you!")
11:30 pm The Obsolete Man (I! AM! NOT! OBSOLETE!)
12:30 am Nothing in the Dark
4:00 am Miniature (I swear this one is great, made me want a really cool doll house)

At 6am they break for Paid Programming for two hours...

My July 4 Highlights

8:00 am Stopover In A Quiet Town
10:00 am To Serve Man ("It's a COOKBOOK!!")
1:00 pm King Nine Will Not Return (this is one I don't get to see often!)
2:30 pm A Most Unusual Camera
3:30 pm The Howling Man
5:00 pm Five Characters In Search of an Exit (kudos, Sci-Fi! You showed this last marathon too, after not having had it on in a long time! YAY! Up there in my top five!)
5:30 pm Midnight Sun
6:30 pm The Last Night of a Jockey (GREAT performance by Mickey Rooney here! Most excellent!)
7:00 pm It's A Good Life (another that's a GIVEN... they almost HAVE to show certain eps, right?)
8:00 pm A Penny For Your Thoughts
8:30 pm Two
10:00 pm Cavender is Coming (Carol Burnett is in this one. I think it's the only real comic ep of TZ I've ever seen. Catch it, it's different from the normal ep and weirdly contains a laugh track!)
11:00 pm A Passage for Trumpet (Jack Klugman was so great in this one!!!)
5:00 am On Thursday We Leave for Home

And a GLARING omission this time! No "Time Enough At Last"!! That surprises me because there are like five eps that make each and EVERY marathon and this is one of them, one of the beloved ones. WOW. *shakes head* But they did counter that with a couple of rare ones that don't get the love as often, so I guess. But... but... BURGESS MEREDITH! *pouts* Ah well, I'll pull out the DVD and make it part of the marathon on my own then! LOL!

What are your favorites?
See the entire marathon schedule here so you can plan ahead with your watching!
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As usual I'll be glued (well as much as I can be) to the Twilight Zone Marathon on Sci-Fi. It's my tradition and I look forward to it every year. I will actually be off on New Year's Eve so I'll be able to see a bunch. I have to work New Year's Day till 4pm though so I'll be doing some taping of eps I don't have already.

Schedule for December 31

Highlights for me:

A Penny For Your Thoughts (8:30am)
Nightmare As A Child (1:30pm)
I Sing The Body Electric (4pm)
Where Is Everybody? (6pm)
Time Enough At Last (11pm) (MUST always catch this one, even though I have it on my DVD set!!)
Last Stop At Willoughby (1am)

Schedule for January 1

Highlights for me:

The Dummy (9am) *need to tape*
Nothing In The Dark (2:30pm) (no need to tape this, it's on my DVD set)
It's A Good Life (3pm) (no need to tape this, it's on my DVD set)
Midnight Sun (4pm)
Living Doll (4:30pm)
Miniature (5pm)
In The Praise of Pip (6:30pm) (Jack Klugman is brilliant in this! BRILLIANT.)
Eye of the Beholder (7pm) (one of those that they must show every single marathon without fail)
Number Twelve Looks Just Like You (7:30pm)
Night of the Meek (8:30pm) (Art Carney is completely wonderful in this one)
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (11pm) (another that is shown every single marathon without fail)
The Masks (12am)

I'll be tuning in and out here and there New Years Eve. It's a bunch that day that I have on tape or on DVD already so I'm not really missing much, but will have it on during my favorites above anyway. The rest of the time I'm doing my other tradition that I adore which is watching Marx Brothers movies. After I watch the original Oceans Eleven (Rat Pack FTW!!)

I'll be sticking close to home as usual. I'm not much of a party girl any more, and New Years Eve is not when I like being out and on the road. I'd rather be cozy and comfy with some hors d'oeuvres, chilled bubbly and my TV watchin'. Yay!!! I'm a boring geek, I know. LOL!!

What are your plans for the upcoming party night?

Hopefully 2008 will be a lot better since 2007 was all kinds of suck for so many of us.


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