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My Valentinr - pweifenbach
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It reminds me of the little boxes we used to make to hold the valentines from our classmates. :)
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Happy Valentine's day, Singles Awareness Day, Commercial Expression of Love Day, whatever you choose to call it. As I do every year I counteract the love songs, hearts and flowers with my own little playlist of Anti Valentine's Day songs!

Anti Valentine's Day Playlist 2009!

Go get yourself some chocolate, a glass of whatever you want to drink, light some candles and let it flow, eh?

Track list:

Love Stinks - J Geils Band
Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan
Smile - Lily Allen
Love Hurts - Nazareth
You're Breaking My Heart - Harry Nilsson
Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones
Get Gone - Fiona Apple
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette
Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
I'm Not In Love - 10cc
No More 'I Love Yous' - Annie Lennox
I'm Looking Through You - The Beatles
Love Bites - Def Leppard
Funeral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding) - Elton John
Love on the Rocks - Neil Diamond
Hide Your Love Away - Oasis (Beatles cover)
The Crying Game - Boy George
The Thrill Is Gone - B.B. King
I Hope You're Happy Now - Elvis Costello
Used To Love Her - Guns N' Roses
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' - Journey
You're So Vain - Carly Simon
Irreplaceable - Beyonce
Goodbye To Love - The Carpenters

And because LJ is teh stoopid and won't let me embed it here without messing things up hardcore, here's the link to the list so you can put it on and listen.

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The who: My family. My closest friends.

The what: Music.
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Happy Valentine's Day, Commercial Expression of ~*Lurve*~ Day, Singles Awareness Day, whatever you choose to call it.

As usual, I'll post my Anti Valentine's Day Mix! Woo hoo!! So this is what I want to hear on Valentine's day... songs with which to brood, hate cupid, and just sulk while everyone else is tossing around the hearts and flowers. Join me?

Anti Valentines Day Mix 2008

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ultravox
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? - Culture Club
Gonna Buy Me A Dog - The Monkees
Goodbye To Love - The Carpenters
Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
I Hate Everything About You - Ugly Kid Joe
Love Song - Madonna (featuring Prince) "...this is not a love song that I want to sing..."
Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin
You Suck - The Murmurs
Love Stinks - J. Geils Band (because this song always has to be in this mix)

Comment if you want it and I'll upload it for you later.

And seriously, to those of you who love today, have someone you love to share it with, hope it's a wonderful, romantic, and special evening for the two of you! xxoo!!!
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My Valentinr - polly
Get your own valentinr

It's that time again, and I've placed my ickle Valentinr widget up. Show me the love. *wink*

Now I'm off soon for a ten hour workday, 12-10. :p
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Happy... Valentines Day, Singles Awareness Day, Commercial Expression of LURRRVE Day, whatevah you wanna call it.

As I do every year, I post an ANTI Valentine's Day Mix. I'll post a download later after work if there are enough people that want it, but here are the tracks :

1. 99 Problems - DJ Danger Mouse. This is from "The Grey Album", a mashup of the Beatles' White Album and Jay-Z's "Black Album".

2. Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones.

3. Get Gone - Fiona Apple.

4. I Hope You're Happy Now - Elvis Costello. "You make him sound like frozen food, his love will last forever..." "I knew then what I know now I never loved you anyhow and I hope you're happy now." This has to be the most spiteful song ever written. I love it.

5. Love Bites - Def Leppard.

6. Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday - Stevie Wonder. "Those yester dreams were just a cruel and foolish game we had to play."

7. I'm Not In Love - 10cc.

8. Tainted Love - Soft Cell

9. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - Van Halen

10. With or Without You - U2

11. Disintegration - The Cure

And finally The Cure leads me to...

"Somebody Kill Me" by Adam Sandler from the movie "The Wedding Singer".


Feb. 9th, 2007 07:11 am
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I'm pimpin' this out one last time since there are only a couple of days left...

My Valentinr - pweifenbach

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My Valentinr - pweifenbach
Get your own valentinr

LOL! This kinda feels like it did when we made the little bags to hang on the front of our desks in grade school for the rest of the class to put valentines in. :)
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Happy... erm... "Singles Awareness Day"! Yeah. If you're happily in a relationship or married, good on you. Enjoy the roses and romance.

For those of us who feel this is just another day to make it painfully obvious that we're single, either by choice or circumstance, I've concocted a mix CD of music. The Anti Valentines Mix or the Love Stinks mix. I'll call it. If you really do want me to burn you a copy of it, just holler and that can be arranged. Pour yourself a stiff drink and light a couple of candles. Be strong!

The Anti Valentines Mix! )

There you have it. Happy Valentines day, Singles Awareness Day, or whatever you want to call it.


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