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When I'm not working through it and am at home, I love the sunset. Sitting on the porch with a glass of chardonnay listening to the evening sounds and looking at the sun show beautiful colors in the sky, turning out its light and slipping into night. Then relaxing with TV, the internet or a book until sleepy and looking forward to waking up to see the new day and tuck into that first cup of coffee.
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My favorite is hand tossed medium crust, tomato basil sauce, fresh italian sausage, red and green pepper, onion, a little banana pepper. Sometimes get a little adventurous and pick out different stuff, different combinations that look interesting. We usually order from a restaurant near here that doesn't deliver, we go and pick it up, and only get Dominos when really pressed for time, don't feel like picking something up ourselves and need it super fast since they're always right here. I haven't had Papa John's in ages.

As far as toppings I can't stand, I will never, EVER accept anchovies on my pizza. EWWWWW.
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Real life or Livejournal? I have a couple hundred here, though many of those journals have gone inactive.

In real life I don't see why it matters HOW MANY friends I have. You see I believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. The friends I have, those I keep close, are people I'd trust with my life.
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Hahaha! Too much time.
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Well I'm in retail so we don't have "weekends". But I like Fridays. Sundays are also nice because when I'm off and at home, they're peaceful and easy going.
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At work. I was working at Walgreens at the time. I was in the office, gathering my paperwork and etc. to start my day's tasks. The head cashier comes in and says "A plane has just flown into the World Trade Center". At first, she, my manager, assistant manager and I just stared at each other. I thought well that's sad and horrible, maybe a small private plane and the pilot lost control?

Then customers were telling us what happened, and the enormity hit like a ton of bricks when the second tower was hit. We got a TV off the shelf near the photo department where electronics are kept, and plugged it in back in the office. The rest of the day, as we could we'd go in there and watch everything happen on the small black and white screen.

That entire shift at work was surreal. Kind of like everything and everyone was moving in slow motion. Just didn't feel "right". Everyone was quiet, employees, customers. Nobody could speak. I had a doctor's appointment after my shift. Once that was taken care of, I went right back home and had the television on the rest of the night.
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Too freaking much of that in Hollywood anyway. I am getting tired of "remakes" and "reboots".
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Okay that's like asking a mother to pick a favorite child or something. I can't. There are too many that mean a lot to me, that have memories attached and that have been a part of my life. But here are some that I like quite a bit:

Good Day Sunshine - It's just happy, sappy and I loved dancing around the living room singing along to it as a child.

Day Tripper - I love the sound. The guitars on here are great!

In My Life - I can't think of anyone that this song doesn't touch.

I Saw Her Standing There - Just a great rocker, this one!
That count in! A-ONE TWO THREE FAW!!!

Hide Your Love Away - John is doing Dylan here. The line "feeling two foot small" is great.

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The sitar! I remember when I heard this for the first time and thinking how exotic it sounded. And I've loved it ever since.

Because - The harmonies on here are soaring and beautiful.

Paperback Writer - The bass line Paul does on this is freaking awesome.
Good riffs here too.

Eleanor Rigby - This just gives me chills every single time.
Ahhh, look at all the lonely people... the string section...

Here Comes The Sun - Childhood memory attached to this one. Watching a full solar eclipse with my mom and brother, using the pinhole / piece of paper method, then when the sun came out from behind the moon's shadow putting this one on and singing along.

But again there are just so many, each song just makes me feel different
things and brings back certain times and places.
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This man right here.

Because, well, ZIGGY. Enough said.
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What does someone standing in the snow (the picture or avatar LJ chose for the question on the main page) have to do with qualities you like most and least about yourself? LOL!!

Anyway, most: I'm trustworthy. I keep a confidence. I am compassionate and open.

Least: I'm too trusting sometimes. Too open for my own good.
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I don't judge. Because people are free to listen to what they enjoy listening to. I have taste that runs the gamut, so it really doesn't detract from anything like friendships or romances etc. I might be introduced to something new that I didn't know I'd liked!
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Pyewacket: She's too old... a cell phone is beyond her.

Miles / Candy / Stryker: Their dealer. They gotta have a stash of the finest catnip available you know.
And perhaps the deli for shaved Angus roast beef.

And of course... ME.
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Food. Lunch. Now. ツ
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You can lie about that quite easily anyway. So it won't make a difference putting up a little button or asking for a birthdate. Do you verify it that way? Nope, I can't see as how that would be possible at all. It's up to PARENTS to know what their children are up to online anyway.
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I think it would be pretty naïve of us to think that we are the only ones in the entire vast universe, right? I have never encountered anything myself. But I believe. In fact, I missed the entire thing, but there were lights in the sky right in my backyard. I only heard about it the next day! It would have been cool to go out and see that!

Story here...

Please come in peace we beseech you.
- Only a landing will teach them! -
Our earth may never survive,
so do come we beg you.
Please interstellar policemen.
Won't you give us a sign (give us a sign)
that we've reached you?

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Klaatu
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Shut up. LOL!
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It's Cheetos not Cheetohs by the way!! And no, I'm a Fritos girl most of the time. I do like warm tortilla chips and home made pico de gallo though. And popcorn light on the butter and salt.
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What makes a cult classic? To me the first prerequisite is that the film had little commercial or critical success originally. The next thing, are there fantastic lines that beg to be repeated and often? So many of the biggest cult classics have its fans reciting lines and dialogue. I too think that a film becomes a cult classic because it connects with and speaks to its core audience. Larger, mainstream audiences might not get it, but to that core group, it has connected on some level and that loyalty and word of mouth creates the cult classic as we know it.

That said, only a couple of my favorites, that are in my DVD collection:

Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have only been to a proper theater experience of this once. And it was the greatest time ever. It has to be experienced to be appreciated and believed. Plus? Tim Curry is fabulous no matter what.

The Big Lebowski. The Dude abides. Enough said, man.

Freaks. "Gobble, gobble! Gobble, gobble! We accept her! One of us! One of us!" This film still disturbs me.

A Clockwork Orange. Just full of images and moments you won't soon forget.

This Is Spinal Tap. "We've got Armadillos in our trousers. It's really quite frightening." God I love this film.

Freeway. A different face to the "Little Red Riding Hood" story. Reese Witherspoon plays "Red Riding Hood" to Kiefer Sutherland's "Big Bad Wolf".

Heathers. Just one of those quotable, great films. "What's your damage?"

Repo! The Genetic Opera I think if you like "Rocky Horror" you'll like this.

Oh yes there are a few more, I could go on and on. But check these out first.
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Yes. And no I didn't ask why.

Yes. And no explanations needed because it was cleaning out rarely updated journals and old accounts of people who've since gotten new ones.


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