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Really, Rolling Stone? Really with that cover?

The Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, softly lit, tousel haired and looking like a rock star is NOT what I wanted to see in my mail box. Insensitive.

I still feel the same way about that cover, but the article itself was actually well written and didn't glorify him or even try to garner sympathy for him or anything.
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This has been going on nearly 23 hours. Finally, it's over. People coming out of their homes, applauding police as they leave the scene.
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[Error: unknown template video]

Cute commercial. I ♥ Michael Ian Black.

Although now it's taken on a more serious tone, hasn't it?

TSA has just announced that due to the recent foiled terrorism plot, no liquids are allowed to be carried on to flights. That's water, cola, coffee, shampoo, body wash... none of it.

While inconvenient, I can't say as I mind. I mean, if it's a thing between passenger and crew safety and a little inconvenience.

And really? I'm glad they're limiting carry ons. The overhead bins get overstuffed, people cram all kinds of things in their carry on bags, and it just takes up time while they huff and puff trying to make it fit, and then you have to wait while they drag it down from up there.

If we had everything packed and checked, and only carried on absolute necessesities anyway it would be MUCH better. That's how I travel anyway. I usually only ever have my purse with me on the plane, so it really doesn't affect me that badly I guess.

And hey!! My National Security Level indicator on my journal sidebar hasn't been anything but yellow in an AGE. Now it's Red, Orange and Yellow.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bob Denver, the actor who played goofy island castaway Gilligan in the 1960s television show Gilligan's Island, has died of complications from cancer treatments.

Denver, 70, died on Friday at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina, his agent Mike Eisenstadt says.

Gilligan's Island aired on CBS in the United States from 1964 to 1967.

The tale of seven people who were lost at sea and stranded on a deserted island became one of most enduring TV comedies in reruns.

Gilligan was a lovable character but one with whom Denver was so closely associated that it became difficult for him to win other starring roles in a 50-year career.

Denver first gained stardom on another TV sitcom of the late 1950s and early 1960s, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, in which he played beatnik Maynard G Krebs.

Mr Eisenstadt did not provide details of Denver's death other than to say that he had been in the hospital for cancer treatment.

The actor's family did not want to disclose specifics about the type of cancer, Mr Eisenstadt said.

Denver is survived by his wife Dreama, who was at his side when he died, and his four children.

- Reuters

Awww... this was sad to hear! I loved him in the old Dobie Gillis and Gilligan reruns! See ya later, little buddy.
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RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) -- Robert A. Moog, whose self-named synthesizers turned electric currents into sound and opened the musical wave that became electronica, has died. He was 71.

Moog died Sunday at his home in Asheville, according to his company's Web site. He had suffered from an inoperable brain tumor, detected in April.

Source: cnn.com

Godspeed, Bob.
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Peter Jennings, longtime ABC news anchor, has died.

From CNN.com:

"Nearly four months to the day since he announced in a hoarse voice on his evening newscast that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, longtime ABC "World News Tonight" anchor Peter Jennings died Sunday, according to the ABC News network. He was 67.

The solemn announcement was made late Sunday by "Good Morning America" co-host Charles Gibson, who said Jennings died in his New York City apartment. His wife, Kayce, his children Elizabeth and Christopher, and his sister were at his side, Gibson said.

He read a statement from the family that said: 'Peter died with his family around him, without pain and in peace. He knew he had lived a good life.'"
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I hope that you have been watching and enjoying Live 8. Everyone has been amazing! I loved REM, and the opening with Paul McCartney and U2? INCREDIBLE!! ♥ ♥

Madonna was amazing and the girl that came out... she was beautiful. I've been crying quite a few times during this. Green Day= amazing. Just. Wow. They're getting ready to wrap things up in London so be watching for Pink Floyd and everyone.

While I'm on this... please visit ONE.org and sign if you haven't. I have wrist bands if anyone wants one... not many I only bought one bag of them so first come first served. Let me know.

This is an amazing set of concerts for a great cause. ABC is airing the highlights later tonight so be watching if you missed anything. Plus you can always go to the site and purchase your favorite numbers, the U2/Paul Sgt. Pepper opening included. Live 8.com
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'Runaway bride' inks deal with firm pitching movie
Officials who searched for her aren't amused

Friday, June 17, 2005 Posted: 12:13 AM EDT (0413 GMT)
ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- "Runaway bride" Jennifer Wilbanks made a deal with a company that is pitching a movie about her life to networks -- annoying officials who spent thousands of dollars searching for her.

ReganMedia, a New York multimedia company, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for a story in Thursday's papers it has acquired all media rights to the "life stories" of Wilbanks and her fiance, John Mason.

The company did not say whether any money had changed hands.

"I am looking forward to developing the scripted project with Wilbanks and Mason," company president Judith Regan said in a statement. "Theirs is an unexpected and compelling story of love and forgiveness that has certainly taught me a thing or two."

The 32-year-old bride-to-be disappeared from her home in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth on April 26, four days before her wedding in a ceremony with 600 guests and 28 attendants.

She took a bus to Las Vegas and then Albuquerque, New Mexico, and claimed she was abducted and sexually assaulted. She later recanted, saying she fled because of unspecified personal issues.

Wilbanks pleaded no contest earlier this month to making a false statement and was sentenced to two years of probation and 120 hours of community service. She also was ordered to continue mental health treatment and pay the sheriff's office $2,550.

Duluth spent nearly $43,000 to search for her. Wilbanks has repaid $13,249.

"It's disturbing to me on a personal basis that she's willing to profit from this, but there's nothing I can do about it legally," said Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter, who pursued charges against Wilbanks.

Source: CNN.com

That is just messed up. She should NOT be allowed to profit from this!
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We'll see in one hour.


NOT GUILTY on all 10 counts and the lesser ones. I... I'm stunned.
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They've chosen the new Pope.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, German, just turned 78. Ultra conservative, ultra orthodox.

His chosen papal name is Pope Benedict XVI. One time Hitler youth to boot... controversial yes, but I understand it was when he was 14, it was compulsory by law, and he wasn't too enthusiastic about it.

I'm not Catholic, but I figured he'd be the guy they chose.

Anyway. Lunch. Later!
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She's finally free. And I have not said one word about this entire thing on my journal till now because it's just my opinion anyway and enough people have been talking, talking, talking. It's just a sad situation all the way around. I will say I don't believe her husband should be vilified here. Nor her parents. They loved her. They wanted what they in their hearts thought she would want.

I hope this whole thing makes people think more about living wills.

Anyway, rest in peace Terri.
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Crowded House Drummer Dead.

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Drummer Paul Hester from the New Zealand bands Split Enz and Crowded House has been found dead in a park in the southern Australian city of Melbourne, apparently after committing suicide, said the bands' fan website.

Australian police on Monday confirmed the body of a man in his 40s was found in Elsternwick Park near Hester's Melbourne home. Police said the death was not suspicious, but they would not release the man's name.

"I am devastated. I have lost one of my best mates," former Crowded House singer Neil Finn told Sydney's Daily Telegraph on Monday.

Hester, 46, failed to return home from walking his two dogs on Saturday night, said the newspaper on Monday.

The band's website, frenz.com, said "...Paul Hester of Split Enz, Crowded House, Largest Living Things, and many other great projects, has taken his own life".

"It is not a hoax or a rumour. At this point, it has been confirmed though we have no other details at this time."

Hester played in several Melbourne bands before joining New Zealand band Split Enz in 1983. He and Neil Finn formed Crowded House with bassist Nick Seymour in 1985. Hester quit Crowded House in 1994.

Finn, along with brother Tim, is on tour in Britain.

"I was a big fan and liked him enormously," said Australian entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins who worked with Hester during his Crowded House days.

"He was really well respected. He was a great drummer and a great singer and a great band member," said Wilkins.

Source: Yahoo! News

So sad!! I'm understanding he hung himself from a tree there in the park. Just. Wow.
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Could the next celebrity witness in the Michael Jackson trial be Bart Simpson?

The New York Post relays how The Simpsons writer and executive producer Sam Simon visited Howard Stern's radio show recently with a disturbing tale about Jackson's guest appearance on the show, in which he voiced a bald mental patient.

According to Simon, Jackson insisted on spending time - alone - with Bart, so the script was changed, giving Jackson a scene in which he spends the night in a room with Master Simpson. And during voice taping, someone gave Jackson a giant Bart Simpson doll. When Jackson thought no one was looking, Simon says, he started kissing the doll.

Source: azcentral.com as well as other news outlets like Yahoo!.

Turns out, Michael was credited as 'John Jay Smith' on that ep. ("Stark Raving Dad") due to contractual obligations... he really did the speaking, but he didn't sing that "Lisa It's Your Birthday" bit... a sound alike did that part. Weird. LOL!

Bart: Looney Toons, this is what Michael Jackson looks like.
[shows an MJ album cover]
You're nothing but a big fat mental patient.

Crazy Man: You'd be amazed how often I hear that

Crazy Man: Bart, think. What happens to you when you turn eight?

Bart: Well, your training wheels come off your bike...

Crazy Man: Good. That's good. [plays and sings]
Your training wheels come off your bike,
You start to notice boys you like. Hee hee hee!

Bart: You're just putting that in because it's commercial.

Crazy Man: [chuckles]

And Lisa at the very end:

"You're a credit to dementia!"

Bwahahahaha! I actually did love that episode! This whole Bart doll thing is highly amusing yet disturbing at the same time. Everyone has an MJ story all the sudden, eh? Huh.

Oh no! :(

Jan. 23rd, 2005 03:40 pm
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Johnny Carson died today.

My heart goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed.

"If it weren't for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television,
we'd still be eating frozen radio dinners."
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Tsunami dead well over 159,000 now. Will surely grow even higher newscasts say. I see pictures of this on the screen and it's so surreal. Like it's on another planet or something. It's so horrific. Just. I wish there was more I could do for those people!

You can make a difference.
Just by spreading the call for help.
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Scott Peterson GUILTY.

There is one count of first degree murder in the death of Laci and one of second degree murder in the death of Connor.
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Wasn't too bad at the polling place. There were quite a few people there but it moved quickly enough. There were no lawyer types looking over shoulders and such either.

The woman who signed me in said she's been working the polls for many years and has never seen anything like this, and our precinct is even a small one! She said they were waiting an hour and a half to two hours in line this morning, I made it in and out of there in just under an hour. But now people start getting off work and such so it'll be really busy again... or busier rather than it has been this afternoon so far.

Hopefully we won't have the results all drawn out and debated like in 2000. The pundits are saying that it's looking like that won't happen so let's hope not. ::crosses fingers::

How it's going so far.

It's gonna be a long night.
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It's November 2 my fellow Americans. And you know what that means. If you're registered, you need to get out there and vote. Your voice does count, your one vote does make a difference. So go out today and do your duty. And I'm also rejoicing 'cause this means the end of these neverending campaign ads!! ::dances:: Erm... and I take no responsibility for anything boneheaded that occurs in Florida this election. Right. Onward.

I'm Polly Weifenbach and I approve this message.
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Image hosting by Photobucket

(CNN) -- Marlon Brando, the stage and screen actor whose performances in "A Streetcar Named Desire," "On the Waterfront" and "The Godfather" earned him plaudits as one of the greatest actors of all time, has died, his attorney said. He was 80.

Brando's agent, Jay Cantor, said the actor was admitted to UCLA Medical Center on Wednesday evening and that the cause of death was pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that involves scarring of the lungs.

Rest in peace, Marlon Brando . Gonna watch "The Godfather" tonight in his honor.


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