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Could have! COULD HAVE. Not could of. Shortened version is could've. Same goes for should have, would have and must have. I know the 've sounds like of but it's NOT NOT NOT!

UGH! /grammar rant
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Really, tabloids, tv, and internet? You're analyzing why Shiloh Jolie-Pitt got her hair cut shorter? MY hair was that length at her age and I didn't have everyone analyzing why I didn't have, ya know, GIRL hair! I had hair down my back in kindergarten. But my mom cut it because it was often a tangled mess by the end of the day and I'd always fuss when she tried to do anything with it. This way, it was SO much easier. Just brush and go. And it was cute.

Not to mention, OMG sound the alarm bells she wears jeans and sneakers! For the love of God, there are even child psychologists on some sites pitching in their two cents about why she wants short hair and wants to wear jeans. GTFO. When I was four, five? I was a tom boy... I climbed things. I rough housed. I was not all lady like and prim.

I've even seen Shiloh's sexuality talked about. Okay, um. She. Is. Four. Years. Old. When I see that I just have to say back the hell off and step down. I read somewhere that Shiloh likes to be called "John" because she loves Peter Pan and she loves that character, not particularly because she's gonna be the next Chaz Bono! I did weird shit like that too at that age. It's just creepy to me anyway how obsessed the media is with these children and some of the stuff they say about them.

Why do people CARE so much about these celebrity children anyway? Who gives two craps why Suri Cruise wears designer dresses and custom made heels while Shiloh wears jeans and sneakers? Worry about your own damn kids.
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F Bomb and expletives ahoy! )
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I turned on one of the only couple of commercial radio stations that I listen to, right after Christmas, LOVE 94, to find it isn't LOVE 94 any more. It's now 93.4 FM - MIA. Clear Channel strikes again, foregoing it's adult audience for a younger hipper demographic and has changed everything right down to the format. It's now dance / rhythmic pop. Yes I realize you cater to the audience. That's why there's so much pop/reggaeton/hip hop/ dance here in South Florida. That's the flavor of the area.

I don't mind it, but so many people who have been loyal LOVE listeners for many years are put off. The station really did have a niche, and had its followers. I had seen this coming for a little bit though, as more and more you'd have a Phil Collins song here and Hall and Oates there added to the mix of what was once really only Jazz and Smooth Jazz. I knew something was up when they started playing nothing but Yule Tunes starting on Nov 1 when they NEVER did that before. Hmmmm.....

I used to like it to mellow out to however before I had Sirius and the choices available there. I still liked to listen occasionally too. And it's the first station we went to as street team members to get Donny Osmond's "Breeze On By" played, and they picked up on it and played it regularly for a bit. Anyway, I'll miss it but will admit the new music is an alright mix of stuff and it does pick you up and lift your mood but it's only a touch better than MAJIC 102.7 (our oldies station) is. We really could do without another station like this though no matter how alright the mix is. We have dance stations. We have Top 40 and Hip Hop stations. In fact I remember similar uproar when our only classical station went all dance all the time.

I'm reading now that LOVE will be resurrected on HD radio. Until then there is no "Smooth Jazz" channel in this market now.

I guess I'm completely Satellite now. There are 2 pretty good Jazz channels on Sirius and their SPA channel is the best thing ever for chilling to... soaking in the bath with a couple of candles burning and unwinding... I won't be listening to much Terrestrial radio any more if at all. In the car? CDs or my portable Sirius. So THERE, Clear Channel. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Radio in South Florida officially sucks, the saving grace being my BIG 105. I still have that for now. *sigh*


Ooh I just Googled, and looks like Clear Channel did this in several other markets too. Has anyone else had a format change occur like overnight on a station you liked and listened to often enough?
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So. Halloween 2008 is past. Some of us are still sitting on our candy haul or leftovers from feeding trick or treaters, and I'm now thinking about the looming holiday season.

We've been putting up Christmas for the past four days. I don't mind this. It's fine for stores to have it up Nov 1 (our deadline to have it 100 percent) so they can get maximum sales out of the merchandise and not have as much to have to pack away for the following year, meaning more newer merchandise can be gotten then. And with the economy being the way it is right now, I can't blame them. Too many stores though had stuff already up in mid October. TOO EARLY. It really is. I'll walk into some places and feel like I've gone into Nightmare Before Christmas with the skeletons and Santas co mingling. Crimeny, the leaves haven't even finished turning!

Do not get me wrong. I'm a Christmas freak. I LOVE the holiday season. The food, family, music, everything. I'm into it hardcore. BUT please, please? Let me get through Thanksgiving first. I love it, too, you know. It's a time to reflect upon the blessings we've been given and be grateful for them. And a time to gather with family over a wonderful meal. But it seems to get shunted aside every year. It saddens me because the older I get, the earlier Christmas seems to be "pushed". When I was little Christmas was special, and magical. I didn't see a thing of it until the first sighting of Santa Claus in the Macy parade on TV. Then the commercials and music and everything would start. Those days are apparently gone.

Some radio stations even start their "All Christmas All The Time!" programming Nov 1. And I adore Christmas music, as I said. It makes me feel fuzzy and happy. But too much too soon. Takes the luster and magic out of it, dilutes it. I see though that the radio keeps in step with the retailers. They want to get people thinking about holiday shopping and they program their stations with all Yule music to get people "in the mood". I'll program my iPod and add my Christmas music to my playlist as well as get my CDs out like a day or so before Thanksgiving. I think that's plenty. And have I said how grateful I am that CVS does not start programming holiday music in-store until Black Friday?

Shopping wise I don't think Nov 1 is too early. Heck I do stealth shopping all year if I see something, I pick it up. This way I'm not involved in the mad crunch, I avoid that stress and can relax and enjoy the holiday. And if you create a lot of things by hand, it's not too early at all. I will be starting my shopping in earnest in the next week, I do have that planned.

I'll get more excited. Promise. Just give me a couple of more weeks!

And this! Thank you Paul & Storm.


Now. Off to shower and then get to the polls.
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The "official footwear" seems to be flip flops.

I have a couple of cute pair of Havaianas, myself. It's cool. I love them.

But. Flip flops are beach wear. Or poolside wear. Not *shoes*. I can't tell you how many people in a day I see wearing them just out and about, and with any outfit! I just... no. *shakes head* Put on some shoes. Or proper sandals.

Does not equal

I don't get it beyond just their ease. And that it's bloomin' hot down here perpetually. Slip 'em on and gone. But there are proper sandals you can do the same with. And they pull you together a lot more nicely.

And while I'm making a footwear rant, don't get me started on Crocs. *shudders* I see them about equally with flip flops. I get it they're comfortable. But not cute.

And that ends my rant. There. I feel better. LOL! Off to work in just a few minutes. Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.
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LOS ANGELES — Hollywood will enshrine an eclectic bunch in its famous curbside Walk of Fame next year, including Hugh Jackman, Ben Kingsley, The Village People and Tinkerbell.
Recipients of the sidewalk stars also include Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Cameron Diaz, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Burton, Leslie Caron, Charles Durning, Ralph Fiennes, William Petersen, Kyra Sedgwick, John Stamos, Mark Burnett, Chuck Lorre, Kenny "Baby Face" Edmonds, Dave Koz, The Miracles, Doug Morris, Rush, Shakira, KFI radio personality Bill Handel and KCRW host Harry Shearer, who also provides voices for characters on "The Simpsons."


For a few years now, we've been trying to get Donny Osmond one. We did fund raisers, and got the money together to submit his name. We've submitted every year since that first year. The ladies who orchestrated this whole thing worked very hard to get this going.

He has achieved a lot and has been in the business since he was five. I think he more than qualifies. Granted he's included in the Osmond Family star that's already residing there, and which I was there for the unveiling of, but we wanted to see him get one alone too. Michael Jackson does, alone, and with his family. So why not Donny? But then again, Michael is Michael, right?

Anyway. Back to the drawing board. I think the Chamber is playing with us, I really do. I mean this has to be a joke. The Village People? Really? They'll give a star to a disco era two or three hit wonder group but not to Donny, who's career and achievements outstretch theirs by miles? I don't understand the criteria as well as I thought I did then. I can understand and agree with some of the other honorees though. Even Tinkerbell... at least she's somewhat an iconic character, right? I don't know. I don't know.


Closing tonight, have to leave for work in a little over an hour.
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Dear Comcast:

Please to not be SWITCHING CHANNEL LINEUPS AROUND without any advance notice and a new listing in the mail (I mean furreal, we got our bill yesterday could have been with that) , OR you could at LEAST have put the revised lineup on the website, and not still have the old one up!

No love, and NO cookies!


Seriously, I realize this is going to happen for a bit as they add more and more HD channels, but come on. Nothing like turning on a channel you do every evening and NOT have it there all the sudden.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 06:48 pm
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Okay who do I have to smack the hell out of for the fact that I heard not one but two very BAD versions of Beatles songs ("Hello, Goodbye" and "With A Little Help From My Friends", natch) in commercials today?



Feb. 18th, 2008 05:43 pm
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Hey asshole! Whatever you're doing in your car down below the apartment in the street, turn your freakin' heavy metal music DOWN, goddamnit! The car is sitting there (SUV) with the hatch open, he's here and there, and the music is blaring.

I'm surprised someone hasn't said something yet. Seriously. I'm ready to.


It's done. He was down there almost an hour. Nice and quiet now.
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Hating the new customize area. I liked the old one better!! Now I can't find any of my coding or anything. HATE. !!!!

And I hate you too, Snap link previews. *turns them OFF* Bleargh.

FOUND what I was looking for, finally... the developer area.It's the only place I can go and change my color theme when I want.


Oct. 12th, 2006 11:31 am
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Okay WHY does LJ keep eating my journal style? Second time it reverted back to Generator. I had to totally delete the old and redo it, and now it's eaten THAT too!! *glares daggers at LJ*


"If you have noticed your S2 style has changed to Generator or Flexible Squares, please do not change any of your customization settings, as your journal may revert back to your original layout on its own. If your layout does not return after three hours, you can re-select your layout and theme layers in the Journal Display area. If it does not return after that, please contact Support.

As of 11 October 2006, 8:37pm, many users were affected by this problem, and we are investigating what may have caused this to happen. We apologize for any annoyances resulting from this situation."

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It's kind of boring to see the same videos over and over and over and over on every single Top 20 Countdown show on VH1. There was a tiny bit of newness though. Jessica Simpson's new one "Public Affair" (gag me), and Brooke Hogan's "About Us". So things DO infiltrate.

Doesn't anyone ever vote for anything else? If I have to see that damned Rhianna video "Unfaithful" again I'm going to break something.Really. WHAT do people like so much about that damned song?! Guh. Shut UP Rhianna.

And the standard Chili Peppers (at least that one's entertaining), Nick Lachey (wah wah wah), Shakira (sick of this video already!!!!), Nelly Furtado (okay song, sick of it now though), The Pussycat Dolls (living BRATZ dolls, seriously. GO AWAY.), The Fray, blah blah blah...

HATE Top 40 radio the way it burns out songs by over playing to the point of driving you crazy!!!!!!! They're to blame for this. Seriously. ::glares::

So I flip over to LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) to have a good old fashioned stalker film on in the background here while I work. Yay! Well... wouldn't you know they showed an entire movie with NO SOUND. Even commercials.... silent. Only channel on the dial that's like that. Someone at Lifetime has their thumb up their butt. I wrote in but highly doubt an email is going to be seen that quickly. ::rolls eyes::

Flip again. Infomercials. BLECH. Go away please.

That STUPID Tide To Go Pen commercial with the ditzy blonde and her boyfriend in the restaurant her singing a really bad off key version of "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" I want to punch her. Seriously.

ETA: THAT is Kelly Ripa? Duh... I thought she looked familiar. No wonder the commercial is annoying. And the guy is her husband Mark Consuelos.

Back to LMN. New movie. Still no sound.

Okay, that does it. It's time. ::turns off TV, tosses remote::

I think I'm going to go put some music on.

I feel much better now.
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Oh for crying out loud!!


It's not "I hope there not right"
It's "I hope THEY'RE not right."
It's not "Is that there car?"
It's "Is that THEIR car?"

And that was my little internet pet peeve related rant for the day brought on by surfing random communities and forums.

Back to your regularly scheduled friends page.
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Warning. I'm still kinda crabby at the moment. One of those days. I need to let off some steam, so bear with me.

[[work rant ahead!]]

Today was the day from retail hell. People were crazy, the store when I left this afternoon looked like a disaster area, and of course there isn't much help on staff tonight as usual. Tomorrow I'm in at 7am for a 900 piece warehouse delivery, 500 some odd pieces of it being distribution which I have a feeling will be mostly Valentines day with *maybe* a little Easter filtering in there too. **rubs temples** And Polly won't be partying on New Years Eve. No. Polly has to work all day New Years Day so yeah. Beddy bye prolly by midnight so that I can get the freak up in the morning. BOO. HISS.

Speaking of work, I hate the Photo Lab. Yes, you heard me. I only relieved Marie in there for half an hour today and that was enough. She was mega busy in there today, and backed up and still even though you explain it to people and tell them when they can expect their pictures to be processed, they bitch and moan. "But it says ONE HOUR!" UGH. Yeah it does. On a day when it's not so blasted BUSY, okay? It's not always exactly an hour. If we're backed up you're looking at more time. And we were way backed up today since there were a bajillion Next Day orders in the queue from the previous evening. I so wish they'd change the sign to SAME DAY SERVICE instead of ONE HOUR. It's misleading and just causes me headaches. Most people are cool about it, and don't mind coming back later or even the next day, no rush. But the ones who piss and moan because they want it *stomps* IN AN HOUR!! just irritate the crud out of me.

Oh! And they then ask if there's a discount for not getting it in an hour. No... it's same day service same price all the way around. Pick it up tomorrow, and you'll automatically get two sets of prints for $7.99. "NO. I want it TODAY!" Okay, then you're looking at late this afternoon possibly around 5pm. "NO!" Sorry. That's the earliest. **rant. huff. puff. take film. stomp out the door** Good riddance.

And why are people so afraid of the Kodak Picture Maker? I swear, lady, it won't blow up on you. You can't do anything wrong it won't let you. The thing has prompts and even VOICE PROMPTS at that. Just follow and listen and there ya go. I can show you once how to use it but I'm not doing your prints on there for you every time you come in. If I'm not busy I can, but this busy? Sorry. Self service machine. All I need to do for you on it is enter the pass code.

That's off my chest. I feel a bit better.


Found out that actor Jerry Orbach died of prostate cancer. I liked him on Law and Order, and he was of course in one of my favorite movies, "Dirty Dancing". Very sad.

I've had a mild cold the past four days. It's pretty much gone now save for a cough hanging on, but it could have been worse. I called in on Tuesday to rest up one more day and it seemed to do the trick. Lots of sleep, herbal tea, and my medicine and I was good to go.

The good news is, I get Tuesday as my "holiday" so I'm still paid to have a third day off. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday this week, so yeah I suppose I can deal.

Movies I want to see:

Lemony Snicket's
The Life Aquatic
Meet The Fockers
Ocean's Twelve
Finding Neverland

Yeah, I haven't been to the movies in ages. I'll probably go see something when I'm off.

117,000 now. Unfathomable.

You can make a difference.
Just by spreading the call for help.
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Can someone who knows anything about these things tell me my why my page on Newspaper-Taxi... in fact the whole site is coming up all ??????????????????????????????????????? and/or little boxes and what look like upside down As? I've checked under both IE and Mozilla.... same thing. Don't say I've coded it wrong, because all I've done was replace what was on the index page with an ON HIATUS graphic while I retool the site... retooling for unrelated reasons. Check the source. Can someone click on the link and tell me if that graphic shows up? Why is this doing this? FRUSTRATING.

What does it mean Render mode: Quirks mode? How can I fix that? Is that what's causing this? Looking at it through Mozilla, and looking at the page properties and seeing that.

Fixed. It was the way my FTP was uploading the work.
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I worked till three today, and am now watching out my window, as I think we may be on the verge of a thunderstorm. It's actually a good thing, because we've been very dry, and for this time of year, we should be getting a bit more rain than we have been. So we need it.

[[warning: snarky work rant ahead]]

Work was okay. Truck came in so time flies which is always good. I felt bad for Ms. D, our assistant manager. She was the only mgt. on today until 2 and all morning she kept getting called for refunds. Unbelievable the amount of refunds we get in there every day. Some woman brought back two bras (yes Walgreens sells bras believe it or not... LOL) and they were obviously worn. One black one, one white one. The black one was faded, as if it had been washed at least a couple of times, and the white one had yellow stains under the arms, obviously having been worn a bit.

She had a reciept. Dated May 8. Well... our policy states refunds will be honored with a reciept within 30 days of purchase. Allow two weeks for a refund by check if you paid with a check. This is clearly stated on the back of every single reciept. What I don't get is why the mgt. feels the need to refund them completely when a) the items are obviously used/worn b) she's well over the 30 day period.

The thing is, they've taken to just giving it to them because if they don't, no matter how professional the mgt is about it, or how nice, the customer WANTS their money back, and goes straight home and calls corporate to bitch. We then get a call from corporate telling us to "give them what they want". Grrrrrrrr!! But! But! But! We stand behind COMPANY POLICY, and are made to look like idiots or "meanies" because the customer gets what they want anyway, just by bitching. This tells the customer that they can have whatever they want... refund w/o reciept? Sure! All they have to do is threaten calling corporate, or bitch and wail enough. And every call that comes through to corporate is a mark against our store... our store manager. So they want to look good, look perfect, and just let the customers get away with stuff like that for that reason.

Guaranteed if you took such lingerie to Victoria's Secret... worn and stained, they would NOT take it back. Bitch all you want. I know this because my cousin Sarah used to work there. This woman said the bras didn't fit. Well wouldn't you know that when you first put it on, and therefore bring it back within at least a week.... NOT over a MONTH and all pit stained? Guh.

[[/snarky work rant]]

Anyway. LOL!! I'm hearing now that they will be cutting the Dursley's out of the Goblet of Fire movie due to time constraints. That stinks. The Dursleys were the *funniest* in GoF! And so this means no part where the Weasleys floo in... my favorite Weasley involved scene bar none. ::sniffles:: Oh! And it'll be interesting to see how they do this without that part, since they come to get Harry and take him back to the Burrow! They'll have to get him there somehow...

This meme looked cool, so I figured I'd leave you with that:

The Saturday Slant:

That annoying celebrity...
The Enquirer. Star. Weekly World News. People. Hit Parader. Creem. Kerang. Tiger Beat. Us. There are dozens more magazines. Television, radio, and the Web bring the number of supply sources for celebrity news and gossip into the thousands. We're obsessed with concept of Fame, with the power of celebrity. We lap at it like candy, never getting enough. For each of us, though, there is a limit. There is at least one celebrity whom we wish would simply go away. The mere mention of this one celebrity's name causes our teeth to involuntarily grind, that forehead vein to bulge, and unflattering adjectives to form in our minds. At least one celebrity annoys the living hell out of each of us. Which celebrity annoys you? Why?

Oh there are a couple. LOL!! And I apologize to anybody who actually *does* like those I mention... of course this is just *my* opinion.

Gilbert Godfried . He just makes me want to smack him. That annoying voice!!! ::grinds teeth::

J.Lo. Enough (to use the title of one of her so-so films) already!! She goes through men as frequently as one changes their underwear or takes a shower. She's kinda over rated as an actress and her singing is mediocre. ::rubs temples::

Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa ::makes gagging motion toward throat with finger:: They just irritate me to no end. And Joan has had so much plastic surgery her face looks weird.

Carrot Top. ::shudders:: He's just strange. And weird looking. And annoying.

Celine Dion . Kill! Kill ! ::stabs::

P. Diddy. Karaoke rapper. Unoriginal. Annoying. And he had the unmitigated GALL to mess with "Kashmir". For that alone...

Ugh. I could go on here but I won't. LOL! I have to get going for now, anyway.

Later! <3
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I'm getting so tired of tourist season. Really. I can't wait for Easter to pass so that they all start going home. I'm burnt out. :P

Today I had a royal bitch for a customer. I'm working on putting away the vitamins, and she asks me for something to use post surgery, like a brace or truss or something. Well, we aren't a surgical supply store, it's Walgreens. We're drug and sundry with just a couple basic stuff like canes and crutches... not a huge wide selection of stuff in that area.

I sent her to the place where she may find something that would work, in the section where we keep the elastic goods. Mostly knee braces, elbow braces, sacro braces and the like. Again, basic assortment, nothing major. I would have walked over with her but I had an elderly lady that needed help and so I just sent her. 10 minutes pass, and I'm with another customer looking at vitamins at that point. Lady comes back and becomes a righteous bitch. Started nice enough, but came back to me all full of piss and vinegar.

"I'm never asking you anything again!!" ::I blink:: "What is your name?" ::another blink from me:: "Why, ma'am? Is there something else you need assistance with?" Biotch demands my name again says it's none of my business and asks where a manager is. Storms off. Well damn. I would say it *is* my business, if you want my name, right? I didn't give it to her. I hate wearing those damn name tags, really I do. Luckily I had stuff in my arms and could hide it.

My assistant comes over a few minutes later and says that the lady is calling the district office. I'm still confuzzled as to why. I explained to him the situation, and he was cool.

I mean really, man. If you have a problem, find a manager, discuss it with them. If you still aren't satisfied, THEN maybe district would come into play. DON'T just go straight to district, and not try to deal with it on a store level first. Biotch.

More often than not today, the customers have been real grumps. Dang.

Anyway. I need to go think about dinner. A glass of wine sounds good too. Later. <3
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!! Just...


>:O !!

Oct. 14th, 2002 12:29 pm
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I hate my cable company. I really do. If they carried TCM (Turner Classic Movies) I would be *living* on that channel this month. All sorts of classic horror.... Freaks, London After Midnight, Nosferatu.... etc... that I will be missing because it seems like mine (Adelphia, South Florida) is the only cable company around that doesn't carry TCM!!

Yes we've mentioned it to them. And I find it hard to believe that they don't get many people asking about it (which is what we were told) since some of the best movies in the world are on there.

I'm particularly upset about missing "London After Midnight". It's one of Lon Chaney's lost masterpieces, reconstructed completely from stills, since the only known remaining print of the film was destroyed in a vault fire during the 60s... and will be the first time it's been shown in over 50 years in *any* format. I am a Lon Chaney nut, and have always heard about this piece and of course never have gotten to see it.

I have digital, and every other channel under the sun but that one. One plus though is that I *do* get BBC America. :)



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