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So. They're Remaking "Carrie".. Chloë Grace Moretz is Carrie and Julianne Moore is Carrie's mother Margaret White.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. So much more of King's work that could be adapted for the screen that hasn't been yet. And there has already been a not too well done remake of this film. Though, that was for TV, so yeah. I can get behind Julianne, I think she's a fantastic actress. I'll be interested in seeing where she takes the role.

_1345727787zzz Carrie Margaret White with knife Piper Laurie 13883695_gal

As far as Carrie, does Chloë really have what it takes to do for it what Sissy Spacek already did?


I'll reserve judgment until I see it for myself. I wasn't crazy about "Let Me In", prefer the original "Let The Right One In", but Chloë isn't a horrible actress so we'll see where she takes this.

"Carrie" being freshened up and modernized isn't a bad thing at all and just may benefit from it. And I'm usually one to say leave it alone, the original was perfect, and that Hollywood needs to go with more original ideas and not more remakes and reboots. This has to be done right though, and I hope it is. Another note: why are they showing us the pig's blood already? That's THE moment, THE big scene and, well? OMG.
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Checking in on ONTD this morning saw this trailer posted:

Okay wow. The "killer car". What a novel concept! *yawn*

This Hybrid seems more a "hybrid" of Christine and From a Buick 8. Stephen King's already traveled that road story-wise, bitches, and he did it better.

Would I see this? Probably when it shows up on cable, just because. But I have a feeling I'd end up scrapping that and popping in my DVD of Christine (1983) instead. That movie was many flavors of awesome.

"Body by Plymouth. Soul by Satan." Man, in the movie when Christine's radio turns on and it plays "...you're mine and we belong together... yes, we belong together for all eternity..." I get chills.

That said? I'm hearing via a couple of sources including the Wikipedia page on From a Buick 8 that a film adaptation is in the works with Tobe Hooper directing. Now, I can get on board for that one! I loved the book even though I'd heard some middling reviews.
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[livejournal.com profile] king_dressing

This actually looks like it could be fun. Should I join? What character though... there are so many. So many. I've wanted to write in an rp environment again. I've done a celebrity, played an elf maiden in an LOTR game, and done a few Harry Potter games. But this could be fascinating.
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Alright, how did I miss this? Eight episode miniseries, aired on TNT in 2006. This story, "You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band", is the one from "Nightmares And Dreamscapes", the collection, that stuck with me the most after reading. To this day? Still can creep me out when I see or hear Buddy Holly or hear or see Janis and my mind will briefly flash to this story. The woman they have here, playing Janis? Eeeeeeeeerie man!! Just realy really eerie and creepily right on. See how Stephen screws with your head like that? Ha! That old rocker. LOL!

I seriously though had no idea they'd done any kind of a filmed adaptation of this story. The miniseries is available on DVD now, so I think I'm going to have to check this out. Meanwhile I have this clip, and it's lengthy enough to give me an idea that they did very very well with it. In the still for the embedded video you can see Ronnie Van Zant and Duane Allman. Fantastic.

Reading the Wiki on the story right now, I see in the trivia section (Wiki frowns upon trivia sections but whatevs) where there were differences between this television version and the short story. The mentioning of Kurt Cobain and George Harrison being a kind of major one, since neither had died when this story was originally written then released. But meh. Still looks good and visually creepy!

Another aside? I love my rock and roll, and many of these people, but if I found myself in this same situation and it wasn't some fun novelty cafe, and these were the REAL. DEAL.? Oh man. *shudder* But yes the story is a good one. It's not one of his GREATEST shorts, but if you've got a rock and roll lovin' heart you'll get a kick out of this one so go read it if you haven't.

Damn it. Dad has a doctors appointment, I don't have to be in until 4 this PM, and I'm alone in the house right now. Yes it's broad daylight in the middle of the morning, but *gulp* I've got Stephen King on the brain and other little snippets of stories and stuff are flashing back.

Not good. Not good. Must go find something sweet and happy. Sweet and happy. Yeah.

BTW? You Tube all of a sudden after like almost a month has been WORKING in my Firefox! I don't know what they did or I did but thank GOODNESS.


Um, oh HI there Janis and Jimi looking at me from my journal header! OMG.
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Just got done watching "The Mist". Rented a couple things from Blockbuster and this was one of them. I'll have to say I had great expectations since Frank Darabont directed and he did such a brilliant job with both "Shawshank Redemption" and "The Green Mile".

I remembered reading the short story, rather, "novella", in "Skeleton Crew" which is still my favorite collection of his short stories. Anyway, I thought oh no, a movie of this. It's so hit or miss with Stephen King. The movies are either really good or they suck. Anyway I always make "mini movies" in my head as I read, I have the characters, the situation, everything and I see full "scenes" in my mind.

The movie stayed pretty true to the novella, and the story in my mind for a really good chunk. Then it really started to disappoint me. Too much with the religious nut lady Mrs. Carmody, played by Marcia Gay Harden. It just grated on me after awhile. To the point where we were yelling at the screen to go to the stationery or hardware aisle and get some duct tape and tape her mouth shut.

However I was able to put up with that because there were genuinely good moments that made you literally jump and gasp, and even let out a yelp!

I'm avoiding spoilers so I won't go into any detail. If you haven't grab a copy of "Skeleton Crew" and read the story again.

I will only say that the ending was a real and I mean REAL bummer. And I hated it. HATED.

Anyway out of four stars I'll give it maybe a two and a half.

The trailer:

And don't read the comments over on You Tube if you click over there because there be spoilers, mate.
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First talked about here.

The film sees wide release on July 13. Looks like it'll be too great. ♥ John Cusack! Sam Jackson is a plus too! As I said in that past entry I really loved the story.

I am excited about this one!!

Cell is still in the works, Eli Roth (Hostel) directing. Hopefully as I've stated before he doesn't make it into a Night of The Living Dead, George Romero-esque zombie fest with cell phones. They. Aren't. Zombies!
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I'm in the middle of it right now. Then I start "Lisey's Story". Okay. About "Cell". I FREAKING LOVE IT. It's Steve being his bloody, masterful self. But one thing, to those people who keep saying this:

spoilers ahoy! maybe? )

In other news, I've spruced up my journal. Have a looksee if you want.
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I just ran across an item surfing the net... just a mention, a blurb if you will. In the works: a film version of the short story "1408" from Stephen King's excellent collection "Everything's Eventual". I was waiting for something to be done on film from this book since the stories in it are so good. This one appeared in an audio book first though, it was in "Blood and Smoke" and really just as creepy to listen to as to read. I think it's the best story in the book, really. Stephen King is at his best in the short form.

I take it the film is in production with Mikael Hafstrom (Derailed) directing. It's supposed to be released sometime later this year. John Cusack stars. The property had been in the middle of the Miramax/Disney disupte, and in development hell for a bit. Looks like it's actually happening now and Dimension has picked it up from internet rumblings and a mention in Variety.

1408 is another haunted hotel story. But this one? It's not an entire hotel this time, but a single room within it. The Dolphin Hotel. Room 1408. The problem isn't so much in that it's haunted. The room is just... wrong. Just. Evil. Pure evil. SO much worse than anything the Overlook Hotel could dish up. Cusack is to play the leading man, Mike Enslin, a nonfiction writer who goes from haunted place to haunted place to debunk or confirm paranormal activity. Then he comes upon the Dolphin Hotel...

There are many elements here. Borrowed a touch from Lovecraft, a touch from "Haunting of Hill House" and just his own dark and twisted imaginings. I'm telling you. Thanks to The Shining and this story, hotel rooms really make me uneasy. I don't mind them at all if I have a room mate, but man. To be there alone just... it takes me a bit to adjust and feel better and less uneasy. King said it best in the foreword to the story... hotel rooms are just creepy anyway. You don't know who's been in there before you, what's happened in there before you... *shudder*

The next one from this collection I'm waiting for is "The Road Virus Heads North". I think that would make a really great film. If the screenplay, stars and director are good.

Also in the works by Dimension Films is a screen adaptation of Cell. I have it here and haven't been able to sit and really read it yet. I know, bad King fan. But I will.


Sep. 22nd, 2002 11:42 am
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Stephen King is retiring! ::weeps::


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